Can Car Window Tinting Be Blue? Know Its Legality and Benefits


Ever since the first car rolled off of an assembly line, people have been trying to figure out ways to make their cars more unique and personal to them. Aftermarket upgrades are what most people call them, and they include everything from new custom rims and tires to stereo systems and more. One of the most common aftermarket upgrades is to have your windows tinted. With a quality film covering over your windows, you can experience a range of different benefits, from providing more privacy to keeping your car a lot cooler and keeping your leather interior protected from the sun so that it doesn’t dry out and crack. Beyond those benefits, it also just looks cool to have your windows tinted.

However, did you know that window tinting is available in a lot more than just basic black? Black is the colour we all associate with window tint, especially those blacked-out windows in luxury cars and limousines. But there are actually different colours from which you can choose, such as blue tint. People may have seen blue tints in magazines and on TV, but they aren’t sure if you’re actually allowed to have your windows tinted that colour. Let’s go over some of the legal issues regarding blue tint.

The Legality of Blue Tint

The good news here is that blue tint is perfectly legal to have. However, it will all come down to the percentage of your tint. This, of course, varies not only among states and provinces but also the window type. For instance, you cannot have the same level of tint on your windshield that will be allowed on your side windows. The rear window is also separate and will have separate allowances. For these exact numbers, what you want to do is speak with the company installing the tint about the maximum allowable numbers in your area. They will surely know what’s legal and what isn’t, and they will ensure that you have a legal level of blue tint on your windows.

3 Benefits of Blue Tint

Now that we’ve established that blue tint is legal to have on your windows let’s go over some of the different benefits you can experience from this tint colour.

1: Stands Out as Unique

Window tinting is pretty much all the same. You’re looking at the black film over someone’s automobile windows. Well, the blue tint really changes this and allows you to stand out. One very cool thing about blue tint is that it changes in brightness and hue depending on the level of tint. So, for instance, 50% tint will be a lighter, brighter blue, whereas going down to 35% is a darker, deeper shade of blue. So you can really get a lot of originality out of simply changing your levels.

2: Less is More

With blue tinting, another benefit here is that less is more. Because blue is a much brighter colour, it’s going to work better with less. You won’t have to go too dark to block out the sun here. For example, if you have an expensive car with a quality leather interior that you want to protect, you will only have to go with a minor tint level of blue to block that sun out so that your interior stays protected. The same goes for helping to control the climate in your car. Less is more.

3: Reflects Sun Much Better

With blue being lighter, it also means that it’s going to reflect the sun much better. With black tint, you pretty much have to black those windows out to get some privacy. This is why limos have a complete blackout tint, so you can’t see in. Blue reflects the light, so you can go a lot lighter here and see out very well, while people will not be able to see in because of the light reflecting off the tint. It’s pretty cool stuff.

For many of you reading this, you probably never even knew blue tint was a thing before today. Though, now that you know it’s legal and beneficial, just remember to go with a quality company to install your tint correctly.

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