Canvas Prints vs Posters – Why Canvas Prints Are Better

Canvas Prints Vs Posters

Anyone who loves the custom canvas prints and loves the display of such prints and pictures and art would probably support canvas prints instead of poster prints over here. There is no doubt that in some places there are some painters and artists who are not in support of canvas prints because they think that it provides a method to get beautiful artwork at a very cheaper rate than any painting, but still canvas is favored and is picking up speed. There are many people out there who love poster prints but they have started to turn to canvas prints recently.

Why Do People Or Audiences Who Preferred Posters And Large Art Turn To Canvas Prints?


People also keep in mind the different materials that are being used in making the poster prints and Canvas prints and you will observe a huge difference.  If you observe closely then you will come to know that Canvas prints are just stretched around a perfect and solid wooden frame and this material will stand up for years and years and will not get damaged so easily.  you need to understand that the frame of this painting is a part of it, on the other hand, the posters are normally framed to last for a few years. Canvas frames are very strong and sturdy and they are too easy to hang also.  on the other hand when it comes to posters then they are just normal frames and you are not sure how strong is the frame.


In this case, you need to know that cost is not one of the issues due to which people are suffering from Canvas prints and they are not referring to Posters or other large forms of art because poster prints cost less than canvas prints such as canvas prints NZ and in addition to this they are of much better quality and better material is used in making them. This simply means that you will not find any poster art at the same price as you will find a Canvas print.  so this simply means that the reason behind this choice is not the price.

Paper and Inks

The difference is very big because the paper used in posters does not last as much Canvas and in addition to this printers do not use very expensive inks which would make the colors appear more prominent and striking.  On the other hand, Canvas printers are very sure that this painting is being made so that it can last for hundreds of years and this is the reason that they make use of inks that will last longer and appear very beautiful.

Special Sealer

When the Canvas print is done then there is a special sealer put on the top of this print so that it can be sealed and protected.  On the other hand, no such thing is done to posters as the inks used are not resistant to ultraviolet and they are also not moisture resistant. So this simply means that if you run water over a Canvas then it won’t get damaged and if you treat a poster print like this then there are chances of it getting damaged.

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