The Different Types of Photo Frames And Canvas

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Suppose you decide to frame your canvas picture on board. First, you need to consider the different types of photo frames. There are two types of canvas frames available, including traditional and floater. Standard frames are classic. At the same time, the floater frames are contemporary. There is no right or decision when you choose the frames. You must ensure that the frame aligns with your artwork style.

How does frame stretch canvases?

The question is to frame or not. The stretched canvas is ready to hang in several cases. But people hang the canvases as it is. It creates a modern and minimalistic look. Framing is important.

Here are the different types of canvas frames:

Typical picture frames

A typical picture frame is like a regular photo frame. It overlaps the image. It is pretty bold and eye-catching. The stretched canvas has different depths. It ranges from 15 mm 240 mm. You need a frame 20 mm deep. The depth is essential if the canvas is 25 MM deep.

Floater frames

It is like an open box with no lid. You can see the artwork at the front when you choose this frame. You can see the entire image off the canvas when you choose this frame. It is excellent if you want to show the picture and the artist’s signature.

Types of photo frames


Picture frames are more profound than typical frames. They allow you to store and display more than just photographs. You can buy deep shadow boxes depending on your needs. For example, the deep shadow boxes are perfect for buttons and badges. Ensure you choose a deep enough box so that your canvas fits perfectly on display.


It looks fancy with its design. You can use it for 3D elements. It is excellent to find a decorative frame that aligns with your picture theme. You can buy the one that aligns with your hobbies with so many decorative frames available out there.


They are going to look the best in any home or office. The frame is plain and solid. They are available in different sizes and shapes. You can use the frame to showcase your art. It actually helps elements of it pop.


You can enjoy an optical illusion when the picture is actually floating on the wall. It is an excellent choice if you want to show your art. Ensure that the color of the wall looks great with it. It is because imperfections in the wall are visible constantly through the frame.


It is a great way to display memories. You can buy a collage frame and have a common theme that looks great together on a wall. You don’t need to choose the best picture with a collage frame.

These are the common types of photo frames and canvas frames for canvas framing. You can choose the frame as per the photo or the canvas type.

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