Cat Daily Routine

Cat Daily Routine: How do I Take Care of My Cat Every Day

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Cat Daily Routine

Cats are habitual species who thrive on routine. Cats are territorial creatures who follow a defined schedule every day. Sleeping, eating, drinking, and playing are all part of a cat’s daily routine. Cats spend most of their days napping, but they also need some exercise and play to fit mentally and physically.

Habits to Include in Your Cat’s Everyday Schedule


Cats adore sleeping. Cats prefer to rest for 13 to 19 hours every day. A cat kept as a pet in the home is more likely to sleep than a cat kept outside and forced to work for their food. 

Hunt and play

Apart from sleeping, a cat may spend most of its waking hours in games. Cats enjoy pretending games by pursuing random inanimate items or by pretending to fight and attack one other.

 A Litterbox

A cat’s daily routine involves at least one visit to the litterbox, and it is part of a cat’s habit to cover up its droppings or urine with litter to hide its aroma. Cats enjoy a clean litterbox as part of their daily routine, and some may get quite unhappy if it is not cleaned

Food & Water

Cats want to have constant availability of pure and safe water. Change the water regularly, and make sure to clean out the bowl. Cats, in general, want to eat multiple times every day. They are nibblers and will frequently consume multiple little meals. My preferred method of feeding an ideal-weight cat is to put dry food out to chew on at their leisure.


Cats like getting pampered and spending time with their owners. This time helps them feel valued and appreciated, just like when a loved one offers you their complete attention.

What should be a Cat’s Daily Routine?


  • Get up and have a pet food snack. Also, provide new dry food. Allow the external sounds to excite your cat by opening the screened window or door.
  • Bath your cat with shampoo from head to tail and avoid the ears, and eyes.
  • Keep a fresh bowl of water available for 24 hours.
  • Spend some quality time chatting to and cuddling your cat.
  • Clean out the litter boxes.


  • It is time for a nap again or it will follow you about as you do your household works. 
  • Check cat foot nails and cut them if needed. The work will keep you safe from scratches

Afternoon and Evening

  • After drowsing and snoozing over all the day It’s time to let go and release some of that stored energy by playing and hunting.
  • Have a nice dinner before bed.


  • This may be an excellent time to comb and buff your cat, clean their teeth, and spend some quality time on the sofa watching TV.
  • You can let it sleep with you on your bed once matured and accustomed to his schedule.

Lastly, the best method to keep your cats clean and content is to maintain as much consistency in their routine as possible. Suppose you must make adjustments, attempt to do it gradually. Something that may not appear to be a big deal to you, such as a vacation or a home visitor, maybe a massive deal to your cat.

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