10 Tips on How to Wear Leggings The Right Way

How Wear Leggings Right Way

In times where we are in an ever-changing yet running world, we need to cope up with every aspect, including fashion. When we talk about fashion we need to take care of comfort with style, especially when it’s about daily casual wardrobes. To maintain the balance, one of our best picks is leggings.

A single pair can make it to your gym, to the office till your fancy dinner plans, all in a single time (but please wash it another day if you took the example literally!) You just need to find the right way to carry it, and you have got an ever-ready wardrobe for almost every occasion.

To help you with some simple ideas, here we are!

1. Bring Out Your Creativity

 You have a pair of leggings in a basic color, you have a mine of possibilities. Pair it up with a formal shirt with a jacket for formals, make it a shirt dress and turn it casual, put on boots and a statement top, and be done with a date night. You just need to broaden your perspective and bring out some creativity to make your leggings a hit.

2. Mind Colors 

A major rule with legging’s application is its color. If you aren’t getting the piece for a particular application, try sticking to dark basic colors. More like black, navy blue shades, to broaden the application area for your leggings.

3. Don’t Get Too Dramatic 

Bold patterns and bright colors are too dramatic to pair up with anything random. They may suit occasionally, but do not have great utility. Color blocks can be paired though for casual and activewear utilities.

4. Fabric 

Know what fabric will suit you when. See-through leggings must be paired with longer upper fits, like a dress, as an add-on. The solid leggings are more a base of your outfit, you can decide your upper fit based on them or just can wear it to anything you want.

5. Know The Weather 

Leggings are going nowhere in the peak of winters as well. You just need to get the appropriate fit. There are thick fabrics with the same flexibility and comfort, but warmer. These could be carried with hoodies, bomber jackets, and cute sweaters as well.

6. How Long How Short 

Mind the length before you pair other accessories, there are long, ankle-length, and midi leggings. Not all of them go with everything, so know that you have to be specific about the top wear as well as the footwear.

7. Don’t Over Use 

Leggings are generally made out of stretchy and flexible fabrics, so overusing the damaged ones may end up in an embarrassing incident. Once you get a hole or damaged area in the fabric, avoid using it.

8. Define It With Little Details 

Adding on small accessories never hurt anyone! You always have scope to compliment your outfit better with small things if you look through it. Add a baseball cap, with a pair of sneakers to get a sporty look. For a party night, add heels to it, or boots and gloves for classiest winters.

9. Take Good Care Of Your Friend 

Since you rely on your favorite pair for many days, you need to take care of it as well. Avoid scratches or possible actions that can cut or make a hole in it. Do not ever iron them if they are lycra or similar fabric. Wash them regularly to keep them flexible and new.

10. Stand Out

The first rule to be trendy and stylish is not to follow any rule. Clothes are an expression of oneself, express your heart out without binding it. You can wear it without following any norm and still rock it out. Own your style.

Leggings also come in various types – mid-calf length, stirrup, jegging, disco, colored, pattern, footed and flattering gym gear leggings. So you can choose according to your need.

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