Main Causes of Dowry System India, Social Effects and How to Stop It

The Dowry System is a tradition that does not belong to a single country; it exists all over the world. The bride’s parents (the bride’s family) give the goods, cash, gifts, and real or movable property to the groom, his parents, or his relatives as a condition of the marriage and engagement.

Main Causes of Dowry System

We are living in the 21st century, but still, many social evils exist in our society. Dowry is one of them. We can’t imagine a marriage without dowry in some places in the world. It is mandatory in some countries. Dowry can be in any role. If I create a dowry checklist, hundreds of items will be on it. The main dowry items are money, a car, a motorcycle, gold, home furniture and appliances, electronic gadgets, clothes, and many other items.

Causes of Dowry System

There are a lot of causes of the dowry system in our society, but the main reasons are:

1. It is a tradition

Yes, dowry is a marital tradition that has existed for centuries, when the bride’s parents give her needful things at their daughter’s marriage so she can survive well. But it has become mandatory for everyone nowadays. Whether you have money or not, you will have to give a dowry on her girl’s marriage. The dowry tradition still continues and increases day by day.

2. Greedy Groom families demand it

A groom’s family asks the bride’s parents what things they will give her before or after marriage. Because their boy is doing a good job, they have a good property, their boy is doing a good business, they have a nice reputation in society, or there is more reason for demanding it. If her parents agree, then the bride and groom get married; otherwise, no relationship is made. However, all these matters are discussed before the engagement or wedding.

3. The bride’s family wants to give it

Every parent wants their girl to go to a rich family. They find a guy who has a good job, business, or good income sources. We can say that the bride’s parents find a boy who is at their level (economically and socially) or even higher. To fill this gap, the bride’s family doesn’t hesitate to give her a dowry.

4. To build a reputation in society

Both the bride and groom’s families think if they give dowry on marriage, it will increase their reputation and people will talk good about them. In a simple world, dowry is given for show-off as well. People compare themselves to each other. If they can give dowry, then why not us? Our wrong thoughts are also boosting the dowry. People think their status will increase in society if they receive expensive dowry.

5. Illiteracy

Another cause of the dowry system is the lack of education (illiteracy) in society. The dowry problem is more prevalent in undeveloped or developing countries compared with developed countries. If a girl or woman will be well educated and working, then why does anybody need to give dowry? The old-thinking or illiterate are more interested in receiving dowry.

6. Ignorance of anti-dowry laws

The Dowry Prohibition Act is ineffective, or people don’t care about this law because it is not implemented effectively. Even maybe people don’t know about the dowry act, which is enacted to prevent the giving or taking of a dowry. You may have to go to jail or pay a big fine for it.

problems and effects dowry system

Problems and Effects of Dowry System

The following are problems pertaining to marriage and family dowry that are seriously affecting our society. So look at the effects of the dowry system on a woman’s life.

1. Domestic violence against women

Dowry is not a one-time process. It keeps continuing after marriage as well. A few greedy families harass married women to bring more dowry or, in the event of failure to meet dowry demands, As a result, the in-law’s family fights with her, beats her hard, or even kills her. Every day, many women’s harassment cases are registered due to dowry. In some cases, married women commit suicide due to continuous harassment; others are burned or injured badly by their in-laws families. Dowry deaths are found predominantly in Pakistan, India, Iran, Bangladesh, and a few more countries in the world. In 2022, India witnessed a decline in dowry death cases to nearly 6,400, marking a significant reduction from the roughly 8,500 cases reported in 2014.

2. Financial burden

It is a big financial burden on our society. The bride’s family starts collecting goods and saving money for dowry on her marriage from the day she takes birth. In many cases, her parents have to borrow money from relatives and friends, get a loan from the bank, and even sell their property for just her marriage. The average middle class spends 20 lakhs (2 million) on girl marriage.

3. Waste of money

Yes, it is a waste of money. People don’t spend as much money on their child’s education and career as they do on dowry and marriage expenses. An average gathering of 300 to 1000 guests in a normal Indian marriage and the bride’s family takes care of all these meals, sitting, and comforts. It is also another type of dowry. We can save this money for the bank or use it for their education.

4. Encourage gender discrimination and female foeticide

Why do the bride’s parents always have to give dowry and the groom does not? A girl’s parents get separated from her precious child forever, but still, we need dowry along with her. This is not fair and encourages gender discrimination. Our society gives more preference to boys. Dowry culture also encourages female foeticide due to gender inequality, and most families can’t afford wedding expenses.

How can We Stop the Dowry System?reasons-of-dowry-system

The following are some important steps to eradicate poverty that we and our government will need to take together.

  • All Grooms need to take a step up and “say no to dowry”. Boys need to convince their parents that they will not take or give dowry. They should have the confidence to earn their living. They should do a simple marriage without incurring extra expenses or showing off.
  • Educate your daughter so she can become self-dependent and start getting some earnings, which will help her financially and build confidence and self-esteem. A well-educated girl is also able to make her own decisions and fight against any violence.
  • The government needs to implement the dowry law strictly. However, the dowry prohibition act is already present in every country, but people don’t follow it because it is not enforced strictly. Giving and taking dowry is illegal in some countries, and he shall be punished. The government needs to amend the law and describe the level of marriage expenses, identify the culprit, punish them hard, and solve dowry cases very quickly so that culprits can go to jail.
  • Say ‘No’ to those greedy grooms. Yes, stay away, and don’t make any relations with those greedy people who ask you to give dowry. Make everything clean before marriage to avoid further issues. If they still pressurize you to give dowry, you can take strong action against them.
  • Social awareness activities. Social awareness campaigns can also help educate the people and get rid of this dowry tradition. It is the result of awareness that people have started doing simple marriages without taking or giving dowry.

In the end, the dowry is a social stigma that can be removed with all our contributions and awareness. It is in our blood, so it will take more time to clean. Don’t make any daughter’s father poor or a borrower. Our desires are never going to be fulfilled with other money or things. Make up my mind: I will not take or give any kind of dowry.

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  1. Nice to see you are spreading awareness about dowry system. It has become a major problem. People are spending a lot of money at marriages. In some cases, either bride got divorced or got suicides due to daily teasing in groom house. Still Govt. and people are neglecting it.

  2. It has all the reality of dowry , which is really wonderful and give the good lesson to all , writer has creating such a good work, which make awareness in the society ❤

  3. Thanks for pointing out the main cause of the dowry systems. Many women and families are suffering from the dowry system in their daily life. Don’t know when people’s thoughts will change about it.

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