Charter Spectrum Best Internet Deals for 2021

Charter Spectrum Internet Deals

What is awesome about Spectrum as an ISP is that it offers the promise of high-speed internet without entangling its customers in a series of contracts and limited data plans. The basic and ultra-plans offered by most internet service providers are enough for single and multiple users. Yet there are sometimes requirements by certain clients who need only super high speeds.

They can be businesses or offices; they can also be very large households where everybody has to stay online. Losing precious data or glitches in the system is just not affordable. The Gig internet trend is suitable only at such levels of data usage. The only problem with Spectrum is that it is cable internet and they aren’t as reliable as fiber.

Spectrum’s availability

It is the second-largest internet service provider in the U.S with its presence in 42 states. Due to its wide reach, Spectrum may be available in your area as well, especially in the northeastern side where it is trying to connect cities.

Spectrum’s plans and prices

Spectrum offers its customers three internet packages that they can choose from according to their individual needs.

Plan Price Download speed Data Cap
Spectrum Internet® $49.99 Up to 200 Mbps Unlimited
Spectrum Internet Ultra $69.99 Up to 400 Mbps Unlimited
Spectrum Internet GIG $109.9 Up to 940 Mbps Unlimited

Spectrum’s internet plans cover most of their customer’s needs. If faster downloading is what you are after, you love streaming, and gaming over weekends, then Spectrum covers all these aspects of your internet requirements. If you hate the buffering icon and want a seamless bandwidth then Spectrum is the key.

There’s isn’t a lot to choose from when it to the number of plans that the ISP is offering and we wish there were more options for people looking for low-cost/budget plans. There are no choices for people who just want to surf the World Wide Web and no single person usage options at lower prices with slower speeds.

The previous basic plan has upgraded to the 200 Mbps limit, which again is quite a lot for a solo browser, but since more is better than less, the Spectrum Internet® plan is a success nonetheless. You can find information at local cable deals.

Let’s look at the individual plans and see a few details:

Spectrum Internet

  • Offers download speeds of up to 200 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)
  • Unlimited data/no data caps
  • Equipment like the modem is free
  • Offers access to 500,000+Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide
  • Comes with a free antivirus software
  • 125+ HD Channels/free HD when bundled with Spectrum TV
  • With the added Double Play Select, the price per month becomes $89.98.
  • Easy and free access to 1000s of on-demand titles
  • Modem is free
  • Add a phone line and the total price for the bundle comes up to $129.97, the bundle is then Triple Play Silver.
  • It includes HBO and SHOWTIME.
  • Channels go up to 175+ HD.
  • Unlimited calls nationwide as well as to Canada, Mexico, etc.

With Spectrum internet ultra and Spectrum internet gig download and upload speeds increase while the rest of the features like unlimited data, free modem, and free antivirus software remain the same. Your kids stand to receive online protection with Spectrum’s antivirus software from any unwanted websites or unreasonable content. Speeds can vary only when using the connection on a wireless device like cell phones, tablets, laptops, music media devices, etc.

Spectrum’s internet speed

While we wish there were more options in terms of low cost and fewer speed options, the plans offered by Spectrum are good enough to keep the whole family happy.

The kids can enjoy their favorite episodes of Phineas and Ferb in the living room if you have a Disney subscription, while at the same time, the parents can enjoy glitch-free streaming of the new episode of their season on Netflix in their bedroom.

Since there is no data cap, everyone can binge-watch on weekends without worrying about any data exceeding charges. There is no throttling of data speed. This means large file sharing is easy without any setbacks or malfunctions.

In case you have more connected devices or multiplayer gaming sessions take place in your home on weekends while half the household is hooked on streaming, then Spectrum’s Gig plan is a perfect choice. There will be no compromise on the speed and a larger household can enjoy the online activities all at the same time.

Extra charges

The possibility of hidden or extra charges is always there with every connection from any and every service provider. The only charges that Spectrum takes are the installation fees. Even those are quite reasonable as compared to other ISPs.

There is no equipment fee as Spectrum provides a new modem with every new connection. The rent for your modem is included in the monthly price of the plan that you choose. You can use your previous one or buy a better one with your router as per your need. Otherwise, Spectrum will cost you $5 per month extra as router rent.

One fact to remember over here is that when you do not buy or take the company-recommended equipment, you can face problems from the tech department in case of technical problems. Every ISP prefers their own devices because their technical staff is better equipped to deal with any shortfalls.

Moreover, Spectrum recommends a survey of its consumer’s living space to understand their needs and to provide them with the best solution in terms of equipment as well as the plan.

No-contract plan

If you are trying to relocate or simply want to end your subscription with Spectrum, this is possible without any hassle. Simply send a request to cancel your connection and you’re good to go. No bindings.

If you were using another ISP previously where you were stuck in a contract, Spectrum offers to buy out that contract for up to $500. You will shift to Spectrum’s high-speed internet without tying yourself down for the next year or more.

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