Cleaning An Apron Front Kitchen Sink Like A Pro

Clean-Apron-kitchen-sinkYour interior designer or somebody close may have advised you to opt for a farmhouse sink design for your kitchen. After looking at its features, you may have instantly decided to go with this choice. Its deep pan and ability to store more water can be the real clinchers. Then, the choice of attractive surfaces, such as fireclay and stainless steel, can be another reason. You know you can incline towards the latter material if budget becomes an issue. At the same time, there is no risk in terms of their aesthetic and functional designs. It gives you the liberty to imagine your kitchen décor the way you desire.

While everything you do can be perfect in its place, you need to realize that buying a functional and beautiful sink is not enough. You have to provide it with proper care and maintenance too. Some people think that farmhouse sinks are not easy to clean. The mild dishwashing soap may not return the original shine, and the harsh methods can prove risky for its surface. However, these situations are avoidable if you already know how to keep them clean.

Don’t worry if you have no idea about this. Here is some information that can come in handy for you.

How to take care of a farmhouse sink in the kitchen?

As such, the varieties are enormous when it comes to apron front sink style. Still, fireclay and stainless steel are the two leading choices. People choose them over copper and porcelain for various reasons. While it is a different aspect, it will help if you learn about the nature of fireclay and stainless steel surfaces.

It is evident from the name that fireclay is essentially a clay material that has to pass extreme temperatures to harden and acquire the desired mold and strength. Fireclay farmhouse sinks can offer excellent resistance to scratches. On the other side, everyone is already familiar with stainless steel. It is just that this material has become suitable for contemporary tastes a bit more. Easy maintenance and affordable prices make it an attractive appliance. Let’s now focus on the cleaning and maintenance part of these apron front sinks.

Cleaning techniques for an apron front sink

It is no wonder that your sink may get dirty soon in a busy kitchen where you deal with plenty of dirty dishes and fresh produce. And if the water quality is poor, the problem of limescale can be an addition. To get rid of this, you can apply vinegar. You can use a sprayer to sprinkle this solution on the surface and wipe it with a soft sponge. The limescale will disappear. You can rinse the surface with clear water after that. Some homeowners use glass cleaners also to get back the original shine of the sink. You can sprinkle it just the way you did vinegar and leave it for 30 seconds. After that, you can rinse the surface.

Other than these two, baking soda can also be a reliable cleaning solution. You can take a gallon of lukewarm water to add baking soda and ammonia to it. Take a soft cloth and dunk it in the mixture so that you can clean the surface. In some situations, people use chlorine bleach also. However, you need to avoid it if your basin is stainless steel or some other metal material. It can be harsh on them. With different surfaces, you’ve got to be careful with their use. To be precise, you should not take more than one tablespoon of this solution in a spray bottle full of water. Sprinkle it on the basin; leave it for a few seconds, and rinse.

On stubborn stains, you can choose DIY techniques. For example, you can take table salt and a few drops of lemon juice to eliminate rust.

Although there are many options, the best way to maintain your farmhouse sink is to stick to a simple and harmless cleaning solution, such as dishwashing soap. You can rely on mild dishwashing soap to remove any stain standing on the surface for hours. Put a generous amount of it on the stained area and use a soft wet cloth to wipe it off the surface. In the end, you can pour clean water to get rid of soapy water.

These are some of the most accessible and straightforward ways to deal with your kitchen sink’s cleaning challenge. Since farmhouse sinks tend to extend beyond the cabinet in the front, it will help if you wipe that area also. Due to its lower position, your attention may not go there. But with time, it can catch dirt and dust. Again, the water splashes, and soapy scum can settle there. You only have to reach there with a wet wipe and run it across in one full sweep. Doing this can be enough to keep that area clean and hygienic.

At the same time, if you buy your basin from a branded store, you can read their user manual once. They also explain the cleaning and maintenance measures in detail to ensure you don’t face any difficulty when using their product.

A farmhouse or apron-front sink can enhance the overall interior theme of your kitchen in a snap. Whether you dream of countryside, contemporary, or industrial decor, you can trust it to fulfill your expectations. If you want it to enjoy the limelight, don’t forget to pair it with a suitable faucet. The right combination can make your job easy. For farmhouse basins, tall faucets with curved necks can be commensurate. If you want to feel like a professional chef in your kitchen, you can equip an apron front sink with an industrial-style pulldown tap. The whole aura of the sink area will quickly transform with this design.

You must have gone through the range of an apron front kitchen sink from Kraus to understand whether you are making the right decision. So, if you were planning to get a farmhouse sink, you don’t have to worry about anything now. You know how to keep it in its best health for years.

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