Types Of Kitchens Flooring

Various Types Of Flooring Suitable For Kitchens

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Types Of Kitchens Flooring

If you are building your dream home or have decided to revamp your kitchen, suitable flooring is something to consider. The modern kitchen is much more than a place to prepare food, the entire family spends a short time together in the morning and early evening, plus it is also an eating area, which means heavy traffic.

Here are a few suitable types of kitchen flooring.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl tiles tick all the boxes from a homeowner’s perspective. It’s easy to install, very durable, and waterproof. Timber-grain, stone, and slate finishes are available and with professional installation, you have a stylish and very durable heavy traffic flooring solution that won’t break the bank. Luxury vinyl comes in tile and board form and is very easy to work with.

Natural Cork

Probably the most popular for homeowners, cork comes in tile and board form, bringing the soft and silent walking experience which we all love. A couple of coats of sealant make the floor watertight and natural cork flooring for sale Perth or your city store offers can be professionally installed. With some TLC, your new cork flooring will last for many years. Take a visit to a local timber flooring showroom, where you can view many designs of cork tile and board, all being sold at affordable prices.

Laminated Flooring

Similar to vinyl, laminate comes in sheets and has wood-grain and stone designs. Hi-res digital images are embedded into the sheet, then covered with a protective membrane. Waterproof and very durable, laminate is the perfect choice for an inexpensive kitchen floor covering. For more detailed information, search online for a local flooring specialist who would stock laminate flooring.

Stone Tiles

Another popular choice that offers endless design choices, is man-made or natural stone tiles come in a range of prices and are perfect for a granite or marble Professional installation is recommended with stone tiles and the best quality is never going to be cheap. The substrate needs to be prepared properly, which is why you should contact an experienced company that works with stone.

Italian Marble

If funds are endless, why not have imported Italian marble fitted by a stone mason? Travertine is another possibility and the swirly designs are awesome. It isn’t difficult to find a flooring company that imports the finest marble and while it might cost a pretty packet, you will have a floor that will last a few lifetimes!

It’s OK to look at images of various types of flooring but the best way to really experience a flooring material is to visit a showroom, where you can walk to a wide range of flooring materials, plus you have the experts to answer any questions you might have. Whatever your budget, there are ideal flooring materials that each have unique properties; whether you prefer the natural look and feel of cork or the durability of vinyl, or even the sheer opulence of Italian marble, there are flooring specialists ready to transform your kitchen.

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