Cleaning Products Under Sink

Cleaning Products Everyone Should Have Under their Sink

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Cleaning Products Under Sink

Cleaning your home on a regular basis is one of the responsibilities you have as an owner. You want you and your family to live somewhere clean and hygienic, as well as benefit from cleanliness in other ways, such as an energy boost and being more productive.

But, the truth is, you do not have to have every cleaning product under the sun. There are lots of brands out there that claim they are the next big thing and are going to make your home spotless. But, only half of them are telling you the truth.

In fact, some cleaning products are popular year after year and families love them. So, let’s take a look at the cleaning products that everyone should stock under their kitchen sink.

Lemon Oil

A lot more people are choosing to create their own home cleaners nowadays. So, this is going to be something that you find under the kitchen sink. In particular, people are using essential oils for cleaning. Not only can they add a lovely and fresh scent to kitchens and bathrooms, but they can also be pretty good at cleaning and sanitising too.

For example, lemon oil is becoming popular for cleaning. In particular, this essential oil is said to be good when it comes to degreasing. So, if you have grease anywhere, this is an essential oil you can mix with water and clean with. Plus, it will add a fresh scent. It is also said to be good when it comes to a disinfectant. So, it can be used to clean the place in a natural way.


If we had to guess the cleaning product you probably have in your home already, it would be bleach. Indeed, this has become a must-have cleaner that offers a variety of advantages for cleaning the home. in particular, it is a great product for killing germs. It can get rid of bacteria, as well as mould. It can be used in kitchens, as well as bathrooms, which are places in the home that harbour the most germs.

But, you do have to be careful when you are using bleach. In particular, you want to ensure that the room is well-ventilated and that you do not mix this product with any other cleaning products. In addition, you want to avoid bleach touching your skin and this is why it is best to wear gloves when you are cleaning.

Baking Soda

The next one that we have added to our list is technically not a cleaning product. In fact, baking soda is used for baking everything from cakes and bread to cookies and muffins. But, in recent years, bicarbonate of soda has become popular for cleaning around the house. Indeed, it can be very effective at getting rid of dirt and grease. Of course, because it is used for baking, people love that it can be non-toxic for cleaning the house.

In addition, baking soda can also be used to get rid of bad odours. Some people use it in bins in the house, as well as even keeping some in the refrigerator to absorb the smell of food that has gone bad.


Have you heard of WD-40 before? This is the first product we would recommend keeping in your home. It can be used in a variety of situations and is one of the best products to use for cleaning things like limescale in the bathroom and even gum from tables and chairs. What’s more, if you have stains, you can always try WD-40 to get them off.

In particular, WD-40 can be great for cleaning gardening tools. It can prevent rust from forming, cleaning the tools and making sure they last a long time.

White Vinegar

Would you like to use more natural ingredients when it comes to cleaning your home? Well, another product that you want to have under your kitchen sink is white vinegar. This is something that is very effective when it comes to lifting dirt and grease. In addition, white vinegar has antibacterial properties, which means that it does not only perform a surface clean. It can also kill germs and sanitise an area. Wellington home cleaning services also use white vinegar as a natural and effective cleaning solution to tackle tough stains and odors in your home.

Again, people love to use white vinegar in busy houses with kids and pets. This is due to not being toxic in the same way as some kitchen cleaners are. It is not packed with chemicals instead, it is just pure white vinegar.

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