Mirrors to Make Rooms Bigger

Clever Ways to Use Mirrors to Make Your Rooms Feel Bigger

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Mirrors to Make Rooms Bigger

If you’ve ever read articles about making small rooms look larger, you might have noticed that one thing they all have in common is the recommendation of adding mirrors. It’s certainly a good piece of advice. Mirrors make spaces look bigger and add depth to small rooms. They can even make rooms feel lighter and airier. But just placing a large mirror on a wall at random might not be particularly beneficial, and it won’t always look aesthetically pleasing. Here are some ideas for clever ways to use mirrors in your décor, that will look great, and increase the appearance of space.

Place a Large Feature Mirror Opposite a Window

A large feature mirror, or even a full wall mirror, opposite a window is a great idea. The mirror will add depth to the room while reflecting light into your home. This can help to maximise natural light in the space, making your room feel bigger, but also improving your mood, the air quality, and the quality of light in your home.

Buy Mirrors That You Love and Make Them Features

A mirror doesn’t have to be just a functional piece. A mirror that you love can make a statement and become a feature of your décor. Interior Kollection has some incredibly stylish options which could transform a boring space, or add class to a dated room, while also making it look bigger.

Create a Gallery of Small Mirrors

Big mirrors work well, but they aren’t for everyone. If you don’t like large mirrors, can’t afford a large piece, or just don’t have the empty wall space to fit one in, then a gallery of smaller mirrors can be a fabulous alternative. Create a gallery with different sizes, shapes, and frames, and add some framed photos and other pieces to give it some personality.

Choose the Right Frames

If you are using mirrors to make a room feel larger and lighter, you don’t want to use dark, heavy, or thick frames. You should also avoid too much detail which can feel overwhelming. Instead, frame your mirrors in simple, light-coloured frames, so that the glass itself gets all of the attention.

Don’t Underestimate Shiny Surfaces

Of course, mirrors aren’t the only way to reflect light. Reflective surfaces like tables, sideboards, countertops, and frames can have similar effects. Glass tables can also work well.

Place Mirrors on Opposite Doors to Add Depth to Small Spaces

In a small space, placing a large mirror on the wall, right opposite a door can be an effective way to make the room feel longer and add depth to your space.

Leaning Mirrors

You don’t have to hang all of your mirrors and they certainly don’t all have to be at eye level to look good. If you have an unused corner, leaning a tall mirror against the wall can fill the space, look really cool, and help your room to feel bigger.

Mirrors can work well to increase the appearance of space. But they can be so much more too. Find the right mirrors and place them carefully and they can add something extra to your décor, working as a finishing touch or a statement piece to bring everything together and complete the look.

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