Causes of Knee Pain in Old Age

Common Causes of Knee Pain in Old Age and How to Avoid It

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Causes of Knee Pain in Old Age

Knee pain is quite joint as you start aging, and it is undoubtedly inevitable. There are several ways to prevent pain as you age. There are several reasons behind the inevitable knee pain, and often people tend to blame arthritis and Osteoarthritis, which happens when the protective tissue in your knee grows to wear away, and it is pretty standard in adults.

Your knees absorb shock with every step you take. You can expect your knees to absorb around one and half times your body weight. The pressure that your knees tend to deal with thanks to the regular wear and tear damage and the pads in your knees can also weaken. Your bones tend to rub against each other after the cartilage tends to wear out, which leads to swelling and stiffness pain.

Tips to prevent knee pain

Maintain your weight

You have a greater chance of Osteoarthritis because of the extra weight, and you need to maintain a weight that is perfect for your age and size to minimize the stress on the knees, and of course, you can decrease the chances of knee injuries to a great extent.

Wear sensible shoes

When you wear perfect shoes, you can have ideal leg alignment and balance, which prevents knee injuries to a great extent.

Warm-up before you start any exercise, you need to ensure that you do enough introduction and then get going with stretches. If you tend to do stretches on the back, then it will reduce tension on the tendons, which relieves pressure on the knees ultimately.

Strengthening exercise

You can surely head to an expert to learn about the best practices. But it is vital to do some strengthening exercises which strengthen upper muscles, and exercises can help you protect your knee joints. You need to straighten and raise your leg while you are sitting down and place one foot on the step at a time. You can easily sit on any chair and sit for a minute repeatedly.

Support and posture

You need to avoid couching on low chairs and sit on a pillow to raise your seating level. You need to know that your posture plays a crucial role in preventing knee pain to a great story. If you have consistent knee pain, then you shouldn’t think twice before heading to the doctor. Another ways to avoid the pain is to take physiotherapy for knee pain. Here you can find out about all the causes of knee pain and some tips to prevent the same. You might have knee pain if you had a family history of Osteoarthritis.


At the end, it is a healthy lifestyle which can help every individual prevent their knee pain in the long run. Also eating habits need to be made sure to be corrected. You must try and consume more of calcium and protein. At the same time, avoid eating sugary stuff or junk.

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