Bad back? Try Changing Your Chair

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We all know by now that sitting in a chair all day, every day isn’t great for your health, but it can also cause severe back pains which can become a problem in the future. If your chair isn’t at the right level or adjusted correctly, it can have a huge impact on your posture (worst of all, you might not even realise at the beginning). Over time, this bad posture can have a damaging effect on your spinal structure which will ultimately lead to even worse back pains. When you’re seated, you ideally want your thighs to be at a right angle to your back; if you’re slouching a lot or your back is tilted, it might put stress on your muscles. And if you happen to be sitting down a lot, it can cause your muscles to stiffen up.bad-back-chairs

If you are experiencing back pain, you can usually tell whether it’s due to sitting down or something else. Symptoms of back pain from prolonged sitting include:

  1. Pain in the lower back and neck regions.
  2. An achy and dull pain.
  3. Pain gets worse after sitting down for a long time.
  4. Pain that travels down to the legs and buttocks.

How to reduce back pain:

Sitting for long periods of time in front of a computer is usually the culprit to lower back pain and neck strain. If you start feeling achy, then it’s usually a sign that you’re not sitting correctly, but there are a few things you can do to ease the pain:

  1. Adjust your chair: Most office chairs these days are re-adjustable which means that you can change it for your comfort. Ideally, if your chair is correctly adjusted, your feet will be firmly placed on the floor and your back should be straight.
  2. Take breaks: Sometimes back pain is just because you have been sitting around for too long. Take regular breaks and move about to prevent your muscles from becoming stiff.
  3. Standing desk: Adjustable desks are really good to ensure that you stay active during work, but also to stretch your muscles. Improving your posture is a key step to reducing any back pain.

Why it’s important to have quality furniture at the office:

Office furniture might not seem like a big deal; however, it can have a serious impact on the overall success of your business. And every business owner wants their company to be successful. Ensuring your staff has comfortable chairs should be one of your top priorities for a variety of reasons. Having an uncomfortable chair often has an impact on productivity levels simply because the staff can’t get comfortable. They might be spending half of their time trying to re-adjust their chair, taking frequent breaks to relax and just generally not being able to focus. Worst of all, it is also very likely that they are in pain which is definitely not something you should want for your staff.

Better yet, while your staff should always come first, having good and comfortable furniture around the office is also great for any customers that are visiting your office. After all, they might need somewhere to wait as well! Companies like The Coggin Group can help you find the perfect solution for your office furniture.

Everyone has different solutions to back pain so it’s important that you find one that works for you whether that’s yoga, moving around more or simply improving your posture. But, back pain is definitely not something that you should look over. If you are experiencing any sort of pain and it’s not getting any better (despite re-adjusting your chair) then you should visit the doctor.

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