Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist: 7 Ways to Keep Your Office Fresh

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Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

Everyone likes a neat and clean environment and surrounding areas. We all do the cleaning daily of our room, home, or office which is a good habit for keeping a healthy life and environment. A clean and tidy home or office also represents your lifestyle, manners, discipline, and etiquette.  When you wake up early in the morning, take the shower, wear washed clothes, and get ready for the office. You would like to see and work in a well-cleaned office environment. Nobody likes a dirty, declutter, and smelly office.

How can you keep the office clean and fresh?

Following are the ways and daily office cleaning checklist:

1. Floor Cleaning

The first thing your cleaning staff needs to do floor cleaning, before arriving at the office staff. The office floor maybe carpet or carpet tiles, concrete, ceramic tile, hardwood, laminate. natural stone, rubber, or vinyl. You can use different cleaning products such as Hydrochloric acid, vinegar, fenile, pH-neutral soap. Vacuum, mop, wiper, and brush can be also used as cleaning tools.

2. Table and Chairs

Chairs and tables are the second most used things in the office. These should be cleaned with sanitizers perfectly because these items get dust, germs, and bacteria in daily use.

3. Doors and Mirror

Ofice doors are opened frequently by employees. The door handles may pass the germs when you touch them. So perform door desensitization in routine. The office mirror also gains dust, spots, and fingerprints on the surface. So use a combination of one cup water, a teaspoon of dish soap, and one cup vinegar in a spray bottle, mix it and apply to the mirror. Wipe the spray with either a newspaper or microfiber cloth.

4. Office Pantry Area

It is the area where the willing employee eats the food together. Some food pieces may fall-down on the floor surface or shelves which should clean at the same time so other staff can come to do their breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Use trash cans for food waste and other storing waste. Your cleaner should remove the trash, replace garbage bags, and recycling them daily.

5. Employee Responsibilities

The employees can also play a big role to keep their office clean and tidy. The employee should use bins for paper, tissue paper, and other trash things. The employee should organize all office or their desk items themselves.

6. Bathroom

Don’t forget to clean the office bathroom twice a day. Clean toilet, urine pot, washbasin, handles, and floor deeply with cleaning products. An air freshener and ventilator can eliminate bathroom odours.

7. Office Equipments Cleaning

YOu can perform the equipment cleaning work at the weekend. The main office hardware and tools that need to do the cleaning and disinfecting –  computer monitors. window sills, picture frames, doorknobs, keyboards, computer mouse, light switches, refilling the accessories, clean microwave oven, kitchen appliances, and coffee makers.

Either you are at home or office, cleaning should be your first thing to start your day. Mostly you may do home cleaning yourself but you will need to hire a professional to perform routine office cleaning such as emptying bins, mopping and washing the floors, dusting the furniture. With a janitor, you will have a clean, tidy, and well-maintained office space every day.

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