Designing the Ultimate Kids Room: 101

Designing Kids Room

Naturally, your home becomes your children’s home, and everything you own, however much you try and keep it to yourself, will eventually be used by everyone.

However, if you are looking for a way to have at least fifteen minutes to yourself and moreover, when you do get a chance to lay back on the couch and have a well-deserved cup of coffee, you are surrounded by your children and their toys, a kid’s room or den is a natural choice.

With that being said, here is how to design the ultimate kid’s room: 101.

Focus on Functionality

You will want to focus on making the room aesthetically attractive and stimulating to your little ones, but as every parent knows, children come with a lot of toys, games, and sticky fingers.

This is why the ideal kids’ room needs to strike a balance between practicality and functionality to ensure the room serves its purpose without becoming a room in your home that is never acceptable to spend any time in as an adult.

Functional ways to design a kids’ room include, amongst a host of others, the following:

  • Use brightly colored ottomans for both seating and storage
  • Design every single component of the room with safety in mind

Balance Education with Fun!

Obviously, another important element to consider when designing a kids’ room is that you need to combine education with an interest in the material and eye-catching and exciting games to play.

Hang a giant map of the world on one wall, which shows not only the different continents and individual countries but also the native species of animals in each place and the country’s flag. Even if your children never spend specific time studying the map itself, the images will naturally become associated in your child’s mind with different countries and help them form their understanding.

Furniture That Makes Your Children Love the Room

There would be absolutely no point spending time and money designing and decorating what you believe to be a fantastic den for your children, only to find they have no desire or impetus to spend longer than a couple of minutes in the space.

This is why you need to be clever as to the furniture and other items you choose to add to the den, and specifically, you should consider investing in a brightly colored and oversized Sumo Sultan bean bag.

Other Considerations

Aside from the suggestions discussed above, there are certainly a plethora of other things to think about.

The inclusion of a variety of large print, colorful books dotted around the room will encourage your child to read of their own volition and will therefore serve to expand and improve their imagination.

Other key considerations to think about when planning an entertaining and educational room for your children to play and relax in include pegboards for them to hang their rucksacks and clothing and the focus on brightly colored wall art, furniture, and floor coverings.

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