Indian Traditional Home Paintings

Interior Ideas: Decorate Modern Home with Indian Traditional Paintings

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Indian Traditional Home Paintings

Decorating homes is one of the most interesting activities for all of us. Everyone likes to decorate his home beautifully in every possible manner. There are so many tools to enhance the beauty of the interior of your home. You can use customized furniture, themed wall paints, metal and glass decoration pieces and wonderful paintings to make the interior of your home attractive. Indian homes are also made enriched with different decorative ornaments. Indian paintings possess a unique place to be used for decoration in all Indian homes. There is vast history from traditional paintings to modern painting.

History of Indian paintings

Traditional art belongs to old Hindu and Buddhist religious paintings. Mughal painters brought various changes in this painting style, which were mostly related to religious subjects. Then came British Raj, and Company painting became popular. It paved the way for Modern Indian painting which gives prominence to Abstract painting. There have been so many masterpieces sketched by Indian painters throughout history which were subject to universal attention and attraction.

Indian paintings add a lot to the beauty of modern homes

When we talk about decorating homes with paintings, we come across a great variety of Indian paintings. The fact which is broadly accepted is that these paintings have everything worthy enough to be noticed and appreciated.  There are so many styles and subjects in them. Modern people are fond of decorating their homes with masterpieces from Indian paintings. Beautiful Traditional Indian paintings which are themed as religious subjects give spiritual reflection to the viewer. Abstract paintings seem to discuss subjects from the modern world. Both of the paintings can be used to suit the main theme of the interior of your home.

Indian paintings give traditional look to modern homes

Decorating your home walls with paintings had been in fashion since long ago. From traditional art to modern art painting , people of all times love to intensify grace of their home walls by hanging these art pieces. We are living in an era where everything is going to be better than ever before. If we talk about decorating homes with paintings, newer concepts are emerging with every passing day. Indian Contemporary paintings are also winning the field with their modern styles.

Various types of Indian Paintings to make your walls amazing

Indian art of painting has a vast variety. It includes Folk-art paintings, Tribal paintings, Rajasthani paintings, Madhubani paintings, Warli art, Gond paintings, Indian Village paintings, and so on. India is believed to be the land of hundreds of tribes. All these tribes have their own unique style of painting. Tribal and Warli art paintings have been winning hearts of art lovers for a long time. Then there is a great variety of cultural paintings like Village paintings, Rajasthani paintings, Mughal paintings. Madhubani paintings express religious beliefs of inhabitants of ‘Madhubani’, a village in Bihar. Gond paintings are also worthy to be hung on your home walls as it is sketched in a unique way. Straightness of lines is composed in such an appropriate manner that the still image looks like it is moving.

Use Folk-art by Indian Painters to give trendy as well as cultural look to your home

 Folk-art consists of folk and traditional stories about Hindu religion and Indian culture. Many modern Indian painters have chosen these folk stories as themes for their paintings. These paintings are spiritual and cultural by theme and modern by style. Indian people like to give religious and cultural reflections in their home decorations but at the same time they love to look trendy. So these folk-art paintings are the best choice to meet both of their choices. These paintings make home wall decoration beautiful and attractive. Simplified shapes and bold styled folk-art paintings have that charm which you always wish to add to your home decoration.

To conclude it may be highly claimed that Indian paintings have amazing artistic beauty. These paintings are the best choice to give a traditional look to your home.Visit online art gallery to buy Indian paintings online.

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