Difference between Art Gallery and Museum

The Difference between the Art Gallery and Art Museum That People Often Don’t Recognize

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Difference between Art Gallery and Museum

How many of you admires art? And how many of you often pay a visit to an art gallery or art museum? You may never notice that the two terms may sound similar, but it hosts different functions!

As we demand to post a nice and aesthetic shot on our social media, visiting an art gallery or art museum can add an eye-catching contribution that brings an abundance of likes and followers to your account. Yet how many of you did notice that the art museum and art gallery is a two different place? Maybe not much.

Let us explain to you the difference between the two that we often do not recognize.

1. Art Gallery Speaks about temporariness

There is no art gallery that lasts forever. The approximate period of an art gallery exhibition usually lasts for six months (for the max). Here, objects and exhibitions, do not stay forever and only for temporary occasions. An art museum usually comes in the form of a building and has one specific theme that describes the overall exhibited artworks. This comes with the basic difference between the two: An art gallery is just a temporary exhibition space, while the art museum is permanent.

2. You need to pay to visit an art gallery

This might seem common, but the art gallery is often associated with the marketing zone of an artist. Meaning, every product exhibited in an art gallery can be purchased, while artworks in an art museum are only dedicated to the exhibition. You also need to pay for an entrance ticket when visiting an art gallery. Meanwhile, going to an art museum costs nothing to pay for.

3. Art museum Has a Management System

From the management point of view, every art museum has its own management structure. Meaning, there are people in charge to ensure that the museum is available to be visited by the public and open to hosts any particular events. As a museum lasts more permanently than an art gallery, running a museum is like running an office that consists of many working divisions to ensure the museum works.

4. Art Museum is More Strict than Art Gallery

Talk about its operational system; the art museum has many rules and conditions you need to obey. This comes not only for the visitors but to all the artist who wants to exhibit their project on the museum. Whilst the art gallery is more like a democracy where everyone is free to join the exhibition as long as the project meets the theme required for the event. For example, some museums do not allow visitors to use a flashlight while taking a photo; some also require dressing appropriately. While visiting an art gallery, don’t usually have that sort of restriction.

So these are the minor differences between the art gallery and the art museum.

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