Cyberpunk Games To Try While Waiting For Cyberpunk 2077

Delays are an inevitable part of building a triple-A game. And yes, even beloved studios do need time to be able to ensure that the game is optimized well and to port well to various available consoles. As we’ve seen the case with Cyberpunk 2077, we are probably going to see the game coming to users in December after several delays. So instead of spending your energy investing in negative reactionary behavior, let’s remember that we’re all humans and good things take time.

Instead, let’s look at other games that closely resemble the Cyberpunk universe that we’re all enthralled by. The list will include cyberpunk-themed games from various genres that employ different types of gameplay. Most of the games mentioned in the list are available on Steam, so get your steam wallet ready if you would like to buy the games. So without further ado, let’s get started!Cyberpunk-Games-GhostRunner


We’ll start off the list with a pretty hyped up game currently. So we have a cyborg ninja wielding a katana that pretty much resembles Genji from Overwatch but with a more grim game setting. GhostRunner offers more combative and violent gameplay, so brandishing the katana isn’t for the show.

The game requires you to have quick reflexes to quickly adjust according to the environment. You have the ability to zoom around with speed to either close the distance or to dodge projectiles and attacks from your enemies. It also employs a slo-mo feature as an additional gameplay mechanic to make impossible jumps and even stylish finishing blows.

Wall-jump your way through the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world that is crawling with enemies that are oblivious to the danger above. Oh boy, here I go killing again!Observer-System-Redux

 Observer: System Redux

There’s no way we can have a list of cyberpunk games that don’t include a detective game. And what better game to include than Observer: System Redux. The game follows a very familiar aesthetics to the movie Blade Runner. Here’s a fun fact, the person voicing the main character is none other than Rutger Hauer who’s best known as a replicant dishing out the tears in the rain monologue in the original Blade Runner.

The game is narrative-driven where the main gameplay is focused on solving the case through scanning and analyzing the evidence available in that particular area. Think detective gameplay from the Arkham series combined with the gritty nature of Blade Runner.

The visuals of the game are impressive as it depicts a very believable atmospheric environment that helps with the immersion.

If you’re looking for a narrative-driven game from the viewpoint of a person designated as a tool of oppression working for the government and hated by many, this is the game for you.Cyberpunk-Games-Neon-Abyss

Neon Abyss

Platformers are generally just good fun. The developers of Neon Abyss recognized the simplicity of this genre and introduced roguelike run ‘n’ gun elements, turning the game into a beautiful experience.

Like any game, it has a base game. But let me tell you, no one plays this game for the story. They play it for the hours of game time that this game provides. You have different weapons shooting different projectiles. You even have neon lasers that light up your enemies and turn them into piles of mush. You can also customize what sort of projectiles come out of your guns. There are perks to be unlocked and guns to be bought.

All in all, Neon Abyss promises hours of mindless fun of you running into the dungeon levels guns-a-blazing and zapping everything that moves.Shadowrun-Hong-Kong

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

When it comes to the cyberpunk genre, the cities are usually depicted to be high density, filled with neon billboards and design and cultural influences from Asia. The closest we have in the real world to that is probably Hong Kong. Shadowrun: Hong Kong features a deep branching narrative within gameplay with excellent storytelling and convincing voiceovers. It features a world where cyberpunk meets magic which you’ll soon discover as you play through the game. The game follows the roots of a story RPG which also focuses on character development.

The main gameplay follows a turn-based style. Equip your characters with various equipment and weapons and determine the best way to engage the enemy forces. Plan your engagement according to enemy type and determine the best positions for each of your characters. Your characters can be enhanced over time with stats that will boost certain abilities.

The extended edition brings in 6 extra hours of content, so I highly recommend you to get that. Come for the aesthetics, stay for the story.Cyberpunk-Games-Ultrakill


The hint of what to expect from this game is in the name. Earth is now crawling with machines that are fuelled with human blood and there are no more humans. The only logical solution for the machines is to infiltrate hell to get that sweet supply of blood and not only just from humans but from demons and other hellspawns.

Ultrakill features fast-paced ultraviolet gameplay that mimics old school FPS. If you’re getting the old Doom and Quake Arena vibes, that is exactly what they went for. But with the tiny inclusion of gallons and gallons of blood every time you pop one of these organic beings out of their existence.

Bathe yourself in the firework of blood to regenerate your HP while you cycle through various guns to take out enemies. The game also features movement abilities to keep mobile and from getting cornered by the enemies. It also features a combo counter to keep you aiming for the kill chains. Nothing comes close to the feeling of reaching the SSadistic combo level as you bathe yourself with every living thing’s blood in the room.Cyberpunk-Games-Cloudpunk


Ever wondered if you could do something else in a cyberpunk setting? Why is it always hard-boiled detectives or cybernetic humans on a murder spree? How about something chill? Cloudpunk provides that different perspective by basing their game around a courier, delivering goods that might sometimes be illegal. And best of all, you do all of it at your own pace.

The game focuses on exploration as you drive your hovercar in a vertical cyberpunk city that pierces the clouds itself (the game name makes sense now). You can also explore the city on foot. Meet various different characters and hear their story while you make your deliveries in a timely manner.

Uncover the story that is laid in front of you and discover a conspiracy behind it all. Cloudpunk features atmospheric gameplay infused with cyberpunk neo-noir elements. Enjoy the game at your own pace. This game is probably not for everyone as it is basically a “walking” simulator.Cyberpunk-Games-Tetris-Effe

 Tetris Effect

Okay, hear me out. You’re in the future that is influenced heavily by cyberpunk. You are overworked and in need of a release. You go into a room covered in LCD panels. The panels turn on and what you see is Tetris Effect? Are you still with me? Well, it’s a great game that evokes elements of cyberpunk! It’s basically your regular Tetris game, but a roided version that injected maximum visual elements that brings a different level of immersion. Bright neon colors accompanied by particle effects with pulsing colors that correspond to the background music as well as your combos of clearing out a line.

Tetric Effect is one of those games that has a very simple premise, but the focus is more on the visuals that bring a sort of a calming effect, which I think is a great way to wind down after a long day at work. No complex gameplay, no quick-time events, just Tetris with colors and music.


And there you have it. There’s a ton of games out there that have some sort of influence from cyberpunk themes and have gone to further create a niche in the experience they provide. I would highly encourage you to take a tour in this particular genre as it is one of those genres that provides an endless platform for discovery. So, game on as we wait in anticipation for the official release of Cyberpunk 2077!

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