RV Shelter Ideas

Discover the Top 6 RV Shelter Ideas to Consider in 2024

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RV Shelter Ideas

Over 11 million Americans own RVs, and more than a million live in them full-time. Though recreational vehicles are meant to be rough and tough, they need shelter when not in use or when they are on standby so that they last long.

So, what kind of RV covers are available in the market? Should you prefer RV covers or RV carports? Or would installing a garage on your lot be great? Let us take a closer look at this.

Advantages Of Having RV Shelter

  1. It protects the paint from chipping away due to excessive heat.
  2. It helps save RVs from direct rain, moisture, snow built-up, and harsh UV rays.
  3. It secures the RV from hails, scratches, or dents.
  4. RV tires are protected from moisture and insect resistance.
  5. You will save a lot of money on RV maintenance.

Here Are The List Of Top 6 RV Covers Ideas To Consider In 2024

No.#1 Portable RV Covers

The cheapest on the list is RV covers. These are generally made of fabric materials that are breathable.

 Price Range: $200 to $700 generally


  • These are the cheapest options on this list.
  • They are portable.
  • You can carry it anywhere with you.
  • It is easy to pack, and you can hit the road anytime.


  • They do not cover RVs fully.
  • Tires are still exposed to the external environment.
  • They do not protect motorhomes from hails or baseballs flying from the neighbor’s yard.

No.#2 Lean-Tos

A lean-to can be attached to your main home from one side while the other three sides remain open. You can either have a metal roof shade that covers the top completely or opt for a pergola style with a thick metal slab on the roof. 

Price Range: $14 to $18 per square feet


  • You can get barn-style lean-to or use metal panels that allow some sun to soak in.
  • It can be used as a deck or patio space.
  • The RV is protected from direct rain, sun, and snow.


  • The sides are open, so you can’t store expensive equipment around your RV.
  • They might not be suitable for areas with harsh weather conditions.
  • Your motorhome is still visible if you live by a busy street.

No.#3 Custom Metal Carports

These are roof-only, open structures from all sides. However, add gable ends (front and back) and sidewalls (3 to 9 feet) for extra coverage. Metal is resilient and does not harbor any pests like termites, fire ants, or moisture built up. 

Price Range: $20 per square feet


  • They are similar to garages but are open from at least two sides.
  • You can install hooks and shelves on the side wall to create storage space.
  • Metal RV carports cost less than a metal garage.
  • Metal carports can be easily upgraded into garages in the future.


  • RV carports are unsuitable in a few locations, such as uneven terrain and extremely rainy or snowy areas.
  • You must opt for a vertical roof with sufficient pitch to slide off debris, dust, and water; otherwise, cleaning will be frequent.
  • They are not fully enclosed, so they offer limited protection.

No.#4 Wooden Shelter

Wooden shelters are traditional to many homes. They offer a variety of customization and design intricacy. However, it comes at a price. Wooden needs constant monitoring and high maintenance to survive. 

Price Range: $35 to $70 per square foot (or higher depending on customization)


  • These have traditional and aesthetic looks.
  • You can DIY a wooden garage (if the design isn’t overly complicated).
  • You can do most repair work on your own.


  • They need monthly inspections and control measures for pests like termites and other insects.
  • They attract wildlife as they are their natural homes.
  • Large design gets complex and cost more.
  • They rot and decay, so timber panels need repair and replacement.
  • Lumber prices are getting higher day by day.
  • They need re-painting & re-coating (for moisture & fire protection) on a yearly basis.

No.#5 Steel Prefab Shelters

Prefab metal buildings are mass-produced and designed in the factory. Hence, they cost less than custom ones. If you have limited needs for a garage, you can opt for a prefab metal garage for sale. This will save you some bucks. 

Price Range: $10 to $25 per square feet


  • They cost less as they are mass-produced.
  • These are fast to assemble and take less time.
  • They do not need intensive labor, hence saving money on labor costs.
  • The chances of on-site accidents are low.  


  • They come with limited design options.
  • You may not get an option to expand in the future.
  • It needs a proper foundation to sit on.

No.#6 RV Garages

Custom-built metal garages are a great option for using the building as a multi-purpose unit. You can add customization features such as extra walk-in doors, windows, larger doors, natural lighting options, roofing style, gutter, and color.

Price Range: $15 to $50 per square foot (depends on customization)


  • There is a multitude of design options that you can choose from.
  • You can customize the structure to match with your existing building.
  • You can use it as a workshop or home office or renovate it as a guest house.
  • They can be designed to accommodate for future expansion.
  • A steel garage is fully enclosed and offers maximum security for your belongings.
  • Since steel is robust and durable, maintenance costs are low.


  • They need a proper foundation (concrete slab if large).
  • You must install insulators & vents.
  • They cost more than other options, but the overall cost is lower than a wooden garage.

Why Choose Metal RV Covers?

  1. Metal is inorganic and non-porous. Hence, it keeps moisture and termites away.
  2. It does not rot or decay over time, making repairs and replacements less frequent.
  3. Metal is anti-fungal. They do not support mold and mildew growth.
  4. Certified steel can withstand high-speed wind and heavy snow loads.
  5. They are lightweight but bear more load than any other materials.
  6. They retain structural strength with time.
  7. When pitched to the right buyer, a steel garage can increase your property’s value by up to 11%.

Factors That Determine The Price Of Metal Carports

  • Location of installation
  • Utility cost
  • Labor cost
  • Customization cost
  • Site prep cost
  • Foundation cost
  • Permit cost
  • Market price of steel (though it doesn’t vary much)

To Briefly Paraphrase

You can DIY an RV carport or install a multi-functional steel garage on your property. A shelter for your recreational vehicle will prolong the life of your motorhome and protect it from nature’s elements. When buying, look for other features like shipping, installation, and warranty on metal panels and frames. Compare and make informed decisions.

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