Most Liked Countries by Immigrants

20 Most Liked Countries by Immigrants for Work and PR

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Most Liked Countries by Immigrants

In the modern world, people are moving from one place to another for travel, jobs, studies, and permanent residence. Each person may have their own reason for leaving their native land and becoming a migrant from another nation.

In developing and poor countries, people are moving more to developed countries. They are looking for a better future and facilities in these countries. That’s why millions of students and workers are reaching out to these countries.

20 Most Liked Countries by Immigrants for Work and Permanent Resident

There are many reasons why immigrants like the following countries for study, work, and permanent residency. 


Currently, millions of students and workers are applying for Canada visas because they provide PR quickly and easily. However, many people are facing a lack of job opportunities in Canada, but still, it is the first position.


Australia is a neat and clean country from every point of view. People are moving to this country because of good jobs and study opportunities. However, you can have to wait a long time to get permanent residency in Australia.

United Kingdom

The UK is a country that doesn’t provide PR to everyone, or you may have to wait decades to become a permanent resident. Most people succeed in getting a UK visa easily, especially couples.

New Zealand

New Zealand is also the most liked country by immigrants due to several reasons, such as higher study and work opportunities, PR, and being a crime-free country.

United Arab Emirates

If you are looking for work, then the UAE provides a lot of work opportunities in construction, architecture, labor work, and engineering.


If you are a hard-working person, Italy is the best option for you. Immigrant people work here in dairy farms, agriculture, factories, and warehouses.

United States

People are moving to the USA legally and illegally. Many people have reached the United States through the Mexico border using donkeys. It is a costly and illegal process to enter the USA, but it is still acceptable to the American government. The Atlanta immigration court hears many cases for immigrants in Georgia and the southeastern United States in which migrants are trying to enter the USA.


Germany ranks high among countries attracting immigrants for its strong economy,  and a clear path to permanent residency. Germany is a good destination for immigrants due to job opportunities and economic stability.


While France doesn’t release data on preferred immigrant origins, it attracts many with its cultural richness, beautiful cities, and well-developed visa programs for skilled workers.


There isn’t specific data on which countries prefer Norway, but its high quality of life, stunning scenery, and strong economy attract many immigrants. pen_spark tune share more_vert


Specific data on countries most preferred by Singaporean immigrants isn’t available, but it’s a magnet for many due to its business climate, multicultural society, and top-notch quality of life.


Data on Spain’s most popular immigrant origins is difficult to find, but Spain’s sunny climate, relaxed lifestyle, and strong job market make it a popular choice overall.

Saudi Arabia

Finding reliable data on preferred sending countries for Saudi Arabian immigrants is difficult, but it has a strong economy, religious significance, and culture.


Switzerland’s most popular immigrant origins are hard to find, but its stunning scenery, high quality of life, and stable economy make it attractive to many.


Ireland, with its welcoming communities and vibrant culture, stands out as a top destination for immigrants, offering a blend of traditional charm and modern opportunities, making it a beloved home away from home.


Russia, with its rich cultural heritage and vast opportunities, often emerges as a favored destination among immigrants seeking a new beginning in a land renowned for its historical significance and modern advancements.


Sweden, with its robust welfare system and egalitarian values, consistently ranks as the most liked country among immigrants, offering a high quality of life, safety, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.


The Netherlands, with its welcoming culture and high quality of life, consistently ranks as the most liked country by immigrants, offering a blend of tradition and innovation in a tolerant society.


Japan, renowned for its unique culture and economic opportunities, has become a favored destination for immigrants, witnessing a significant increase in its foreign resident population over the past decades.


Argentina, a land of vibrant culture and diverse landscapes, beckons immigrants with its warm hospitality. Its rich heritage and economic opportunities make it a top choice for those seeking a new beginning.

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