DIY Built-in Storage Ideas to Save Up Space in your Home

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When you are moving to a new place, transferring to a smaller place, or removing the clutter, you need to have a storage unit to store extra items, keep winter clothing out of the way, and conceal the extra belongings.

The fact that an indoor storage unit needs space that may cover any area of your home, it would be a smart choice if you wanted to build something that is attached to any of your home furniture and structures, especially if your home is not very spacious.

But on the other hand, optimizing the capacity of your storage unit still plays a major role in maintaining organized storage. Saves space, free from clutters, and having sufficient room for other things.

How to maximize space in your storage unit?

The easiest way to optimize space in your built-in storage unit is to start from the base and pile up to the top. Place the heaviest items on the bottom layer, and then make your way up to the top, placing the lightest stuff in there. Hang some pieces of stuff in the space available. Just keep an orderly pile in your storage and keep the things ready for potential use.

Now, every DIY project requires the right tool for the right job. Thanks to the home diy guide for providing all we need for DIY at home from tools, organizers, electrical, painting, and all other DIY supplies.

Here are the best built-in storage ideas that you can look up to:

1. Under Stairs Storage Idea

The precious little space under your staircase can hold your things up to the amount it can hold. You may add coat hooks on the wall, arrange a woven basket compartment for toys and small-things, and place a shoe rack so that you can’t come across a pair of shoes jumbling around. Or arrange an umbrella holder so that you can quickly grab it when you need it. You may also conceal the laundry device from the storage under the steps.

2. Enclosed Under Deck Storage

If you have a floating deck, you may want to enclose space for storing items more likely to hold larger and heavy objects that are seldom-used. You can hide the Christmas tree after the yuletide season, store toolboxes for future use, stock gardening tools after landscaping, or hide trimmers and hedge cutters. You can also put the spare tires and spare parts of the car in there, so you won’t bring them inside the house. Anything is possible.

3. Built-in Cabinet Underneath the Table

Who would have thought that the space under the typical dining table can become a storage space? Yes, if you like to, though not many prefer to do it.

It is also a good idea of saving space in the house. It doesn’t mean you’ve got to make use of the whole space, but a small built-in cabinet underneath and in the middle portion of the table is good enough to store small household items, including table towels, rags, and other cleaning supplies.

4. Under Sink Organizers

Having a small kitchen room is no longer an issue. There are a lot of ideas to follow to organize kitchen and laundry-stuffs that you’re sure to enjoy. Storage wooden box concepts, removable bins, wooden sliding organizer, built-in drawer, and assembled under sink organizer are options as they can go under any sink size you have.

5. Under Bed Glider Storage Idea

It is not new to us though, the under bed hollow is an ideal storage space to help you store more than just dusty cuddly toys under your mattress. A built-in sliding drawer is a perfect idea as it’s firmly attached to the bed structure. Yet if you want to make small separate boxes for your belongings, it is also very practical. Adding cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, wicker baskets, canvas boxes also make a nice storage unit.

Final Word

Say goodbye to the cramped and messy surroundings, despite having a small space inside. If you’ve got your idea, build your built-in storage compartments ready to hold your belongings. Take advantage of all the space available in the house, and use them to store and keep household items.

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