Do’s and Don’ts of Remodeling your Kitchen

Remodeling-KitchenIf you have lived at your place for ages or simply don’t like the current design, then you have probably dreamt of remodeling your kitchen to stay up-to-date with the recent kitchen trends. Even though you may have a lot of kitchen remodeling ideas from what you have seen in magazines, websites, movies, and TV shows, you still ought to be careful with the whole plan.

To make things easier for your dream kitchen, here are a few tips for a kitchen remodel.

Do: Plan a work triangle

Redesigning your kitchen altogether is most definitely exciting. But if you compromise the workflow of your kitchen layout when doing so, it may not be as exciting to work post-renovation. So, take a good look at your floor plan and position your appliances in the form of a triangle, where the work line goes from the refrigerator to the sink to the stovetop and back to the refrigerator.

Don’t: Neglect your budget

If you do not want to run out of savings even before the completion of remodeling, then consider planning out the entire budget. Decide what you need in your kitchen as per your priorities and set a budget considering a buffer. For better longevity, keep the quality of your kitchen tiles in mind when setting the price range.

Do: Spend on quality cabinets

You do not just need spaces to store your kitchen essentials. You also want them to be convenient and of good quality. For example, opt for toe-kick storage for storage spaces lower than your torso. Hence, do not just look at the cabinet design for its style but also its smartness.

Don’t: Scrimp on fixtures, drawer hardware, hinges or drawer pulls

Imagine a moment when you are pulling out a drawer and the handle comes in your hand. Sometimes the entire drawer may come off its hinges. Drawer hardware tends to wear out due to regular use. Hence, it is imperative that you do not scrimp on these parts and do not compromise on their quality irrespective of its rates.

Do: Make it safe

If you want to stay safe when walking around the kitchen, then it is highly recommended that you use a slip-resistant material for the floor. You may either choose to matte-finish the wood or simply choose textured vinyl tiles. You can also go for a soft-glazed ceramic tile. Also, ensure that the new cooktop comes with a staggered layout or in a straight row to avoid any mishap.

Don’t: Skip the technical homework

Apart from the triangular workflow, you must also remember to determine the best spots for electrical outlets around your kitchen. Make sure that there are sufficient outlets for every electrical appliance that you will use.

Do: Ventilate adequately

For a space that produces both smoke and odor, the air must be always breathable. You do not want to choke on the spices. When choosing your ventilation hood, you must also consider whether you want a ducted one or a non-ducted one. Furthermore, choose a vent that covers the full width of the range and at least covers 50% of the burners.

Don’t: Neglect the backsplash

The area behind your stove is the one that stands out the most and can hence be used as a backsplash. So, if you are planning to purchase a designer tile or something eye-catching, then it should most definitely be used for the backsplash. Complex and colorful backsplashes make the best-looking countertops. Choose from a  wide range of Mosaic tiles for kitchen backsplash here.

Do: Understand the difference between tiles

Types of tiles are not limited to porcelain or ceramic. You can opt for various other types to make your kitchen look modern. Your tiles can be made of anything from cork, stone, and linoleum to glass and bamboo. However, it is also important to understand which tile is best suited for which part of your kitchen. For example, you do not want a glass tile for the floor, which is better suited for the backsplash.

Don’t: Ignore your lifestyle when choosing tiles

When choosing tiles, you must keep your lifestyle in mind. Choose highly durable tiles such as ceramic tiles for countertops as they can handle the heat from hot pans. Linoleum, on the other hand, cannot handle the heat from the cooking equipment. Furthermore, vinyl floor tiles, though popularly used, are a lot less durable than stone. Also, consider whether the design of your kitchen floor tiles complements the rest of your house.

No matter which type of tile, design, or texture you have your mind, Mosaic tile outlet will cover your needs from the beginning till the end of your kitchen renovation.

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