7 Top Forms of Body Massages That You Must Know About

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Forms-of-Body-MassagesAre you feeling stressed out after a hectic day at work? Do you constantly feel tired and exhausted regularly? Are you in search of a remedy that could relieve your body of the tension, strain, or pain caused by your hectic routine?

“A sound mind exists in a sound body”. So, keeping your body pain-free and tension-free is something that you must do to stay fit. Are you wondering what is the best natural way to rejuvenate, re-energize your body and mind? Massage. Yes, a soothing massage session can work wonders for your body.

How does the Massage work on Your Body?

This is the art of rubbing and kneading on the body, using hands, and now some oils also. The therapist applies gentle and strong pressure on the body, specifically joints, and muscles that help to relieve the body of the pressure that it is experiencing. It helps to activate the key points in the body that eases the pain, pressure, tension, and strain that it tends to experience over time with physical work.

Types of Massages

Traditionally, massage developed as a basic hand-rubbing feature, but over time it has developed into many forms and types, with multiple methodologies and use of specific types of oils. When you are planning to undergo a massage, you need to know the different types of massages to identify the one which suits your needs perfectly. The different types of body massages are mentioned below-

  1. Swedish Massage

A full body massage, Swedish massage is ideal for those who are new to the massage. Swedish massage usually takes about an hour, and it is ideal for all those who are suffering from body pain and stress. It is also suitable for those who are sensitive to touch. This massage technique is a combination of kneading, body vibrations through hand-based pressure applying, and joint movement technique.

  1. Sports Massage

This massage is ideal for all those who are active in some kind of sports. If you are suffering from an injury or want to keep your body reflexes strong and effective while keeping your muscles enhanced and reduce risks of sports injury, then sports massage is what ideal for you. It helps you heal from repetitive muscle use.

  1. Hot Stone Massage

We have natural elements around us that, if used ideally, are effective to give you enhanced well-being. This is what the stone massage technique can do for you. Using a heated stone for the massage method, the resulting added heat leads to relieving of pain and tension. Somewhat similar to the Swedish massage, it is effective for all those who want heightened relaxation from body pain and tension. It also helps to improve blood flow, alleviate pain, and get relief from stress.

  1. Acupressure Massage

Popular globally, this massage therapy is also an alternative medicine technique that works by triggering the points in the body in the same way as acupuncture does. The pressure is applied by the therapist in gentle and soft ways on the puncture points, which unblock the energy flows throughout the body.

  1. Shiatsu Massage

This massage therapy works on the whole body and is an effective therapy process that brings the Japanese methodology to the fore. It not only helps to relieve one from physical pain, tension, muscle tension, and headache but also helps to relieve emotional pain depression, and anxiety. In this, the therapist works by using hands, thumbs, and palms in accordance with the massage pressure methodology. This massage technique is aimed at working on the points of the body that needs special attention making use of rhythmic and pulsating pressure.

  1. Reflexology Massage

This massage technique is shorter than the Swedish and other usual massages. As its name suggests, works on the reflex points on the body’s hands, feet, and ears. If you are a bit apprehensive about lying completely naked or if you are highly sensitive to others touching your entire body, then this massage is for you. The therapist will help you to restore your body energy.

  1. Thai Massage

Another popular form of massage, Thai massage also works for full-body relaxation and is also suitable for all those who want to remain fully clothed throughout the entire time. An active form of massage, Thai massage also includes stretching of the body based on yogic stretching, for reducing pain, strain, and stress leading to improved blood circulation, flexibility, and energy levels in the body.

So, which massage feels right for you? A massage session once a week or as per your body’s and lifestyle requirement will help you remain active, have higher energy levels, and feel relieved of stress and mentally stable and focused. So, decide on the message types, consult your therapy provider, and get a massage in Columbus Ohio that fits your needs perfectly.

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