Borewell Water Need to Be Filter

Does Borewell Water Need to Be Filter – Yes or No?

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Borewell Water Need to Be Filter

Many people have the same question: should I install water filters in their homes or not? In some places, the water is made drinkable by recycling rivers, lakes, ponds, and rainwater. Further, it is supplied to people’s homes so that they can use the water for their daily needs. For such homeowners, it is also suggested to install a water filter or water purifier.

But what if borewells are being installed in your house or tubewell water is pumped directly to your house? Will you still need a water filter? Through advertisements, people are being told that the water in their homes is impure and they should filter the drinkable water.

In the past few years, there has been no water filter of any kind. People can drink water directly from the river and pond. But nowadays, it is being said that you should also filter the borewell water that is pumped from the earth’s core. The water filter companies are making fools of innocent people to sell their water purifiers.

Nowadays, most people have installed water filters in their homes. They do not even consider it necessary to know whether they need a water filter or not before installing the water filter. The water in your house may already be clean.

Many people have this question: if they have their own borewell in their house or water is coming to their house from a nearby borewell, should they also install a water filter in their house or not? You should consider the following points:

How deeply the borewell is drilled?

Due to water pollution, the water inside the earth has also become polluted due to plastic, human waste, chemicals, and hazards. Up to 200 feet deep inside the earth, water is no longer drinkable in most of the regions. So if your borewell is drilled deeper than this, then I don’t think you need to filter it.

Type and taste of water in your area

Check the type and taste of your home water. Is it sweet, salty, brackish, hard, soft, brine, or smelly water? Each region may have a unique taste and type of water. Tap, mineral, alkaline, spring, and distilled water are drinkable and have different health benefits.

Test It

You can take a water sample from your tap or borewell and send it to Liabortry for testing. They will test different things in it, such as total coliform bacteria, pH, iron, nitrate nitrogen, hardness of CaCO3, chlorides, sulfates, and specific conductance. A perfect pH for drinking water may be found within the range of 6.5–8.5. You will find higher pH levels in alkalised water

Water pollution around you

If you are living in an air- and water-polluted area, there is a chance that the groundwater may also be polluted. When the water stays at one place on the surface of the earth for a long time, it becomes polluted because other substances get also mixed with it, which get dissolved in the earth’s soil over time.

In the last,

If your borewell or tap water is neat and clean, sweet in taste, falls under the good water type, and has positive testing, you don’t need to install a water filter in your home.

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