7 Easy Digital Marketing Ideas for Housewives and Mothers


If you are a business woman who is also a housewife and a mother and successfully running an online business but still facing a certain set of issues related to competing well among the other online businesses and trying to keep their busy household and motherhood life and businesswoman duties managed effectively. But if you want to grow your online business then you must need to focus on adopting some of the easy digital marketing ideas which will not make it easier for you to get the customer’s attention in a shorter time span along with providing you extra time to perform your motherhood and housewife duties without worrying about their online business. Here are seven easy digital marketing ideas for mothers and housewives:

1. Get a responsive website

Many small business owners are unaware of the importance of having a website for their business and the impact it has on their business, because if you don’t want your business to be invisible then you must have a website for your business. Some of you might think that it is too expensive, but it is not anymore you can easily have a website for your business without spending so much money. The number of people using the internet through their mobile phones is increasing day by day, so you should make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and easily available on a search to your potential target customers because of search engine optimization. The website must be attractive responsive to the customers and user-friendly.

2. Start blogging

The trend of blogging about your small business and the products/services offered by it has been around for the past few years. Starting your own business blog will help you share relevant and interesting information with your customers about your products and services, and you can even communicate with them directly. Blog posts will help you generate up to 60% and will also improve your search engine ranking and drive more online targeted traffic to your business’s official website. It is cost-effective and will help you build relationships and earn the trust of your potential customers.

3. Search engine optimization

Now that you have a great-looking website for your small business with all the amazing products and services that people are looking for and will love. You have posted them with meaningful, compelling, and engaging content to drive the customer towards purchasing decisions but all that effort will be in vain if people won’t be able to find your website. I would suggest you learn to do SEO it will be time-consuming and won’t provide immediate results, but it will provide your business with free traffic to your website and many other things too. You should have knowledge about all SEO factors or you may use this handy guide for digital marketing promotion.

4. List building and email marketing

At first, you won’t see anything amazing about it but believe me it works well for small businesses to generate leads to potential customers. One should know the value of this email list because it is a responsive asset you have for your business. You will be able to send your email marketing personalized messages for free and will get responses to them, which will help you build a relationship with your business and turn your potential customers into loyal customers by providing them with special offers to earn more from the loyalty through sending emails to them.

5. Social media marketing

Creating social media accounts for your big or small business is a norm nowadays, which is creating a lot of opportunities for approaching your target audience on these platforms. Social media marketing offers some highly connecting features that help businesses to get organic reach. You should lay out more visual content to attract the audience along with live-streaming to connect with your customers directly and make more stories, along with interesting yet authentic video content to engage the audience.

6. Content marketing

Content marketing has never been outdated, you need to focus on adopting new trends of writing content and to do content marketing you can use various mediums to drive online traffic to your social media posts and websites such as visual content that includes videos, images, and live-streaming videos and non-visual content that includes blogging, written appealing lines, etc. the more effective content you will put on your posts that more it will engage new and existing customers.

7. Outreach and influencer marketing

Small businesses should also invest some of their money to drive more target audiences to buy their products and services by approaching social media and micro-influencers to market their business and its products/services. Make sure that the influencer you are choosing must possess a large number of followers that lie in the criteria of your target audience.

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