6 Creative Website Design Ideas For New Year

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Creative-Website-Design-IdeDid you know that there are 1.94 billion total active websites? And this number is continuously increasing.

However, with the continuous advancements, the website designs dominating our screens have evolved too. Brands also seek influential looks because web design is your chance to create a great first impression and build positive customer opinion.

Six creative website design ideas you must try in 2021

Here is a list of six creative web designs that can help professionals.

1. Dark mode design

If you want to pick a website design that never goes out of style then try dark theme website designs.

The dark mode is one of the top trends in web design and big brands like Apple, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have already joined the league. A dark theme is not only ultra-classy but it is also easy on the eyes too.

The dark aesthetics can pair up with almost any color. You can also go for neon color schemes.

2. Content is still the king

If you are putting a lot of hard work into creating valuable content, you want to make sure your audience finds it. Now you can make your content more visible by creating your website around it.

A content-centric website is one that puts content at the forefront. These sites are designed to make sure that visitors read the content they’re most interested in.

Take a look at focused on drawing attention to makeup topics. Visitors can also find the company’s products by scrolling down content despite they’re not the key focus of the site.

3. Use illustration and animation

While it’s a bit more costly and difficult, the animation will help you inject life into your main page. If you’re thinking that animation is only reserved for a big web app development company, you are totally wrong.

Take a look at this website which is creating a perfect tropical feel. The illustrations appear as 3d paper cut-outs placed in layers over each other. The animation is a sure way to give depth to your page.

4. Don’t hesitate from using color palette

If you run a business that cannot be represented with a minimalist theme, go for colors to express yourself.

Check out the website of Wistia which is full of vibrant colors. The website design is perfect for an artsy brand and displays a joyful personality.

5. Try text-only website design

Are you on the lookout for a super clean website design? Try text-only.

Typography-driven web designs are quite a in demand these days. A large number of web designers are using typography as a design element that also supports the minimalist theme.

The major benefit of using text-based themes is that it grabs visitor attention instantly and enables readers to extract exact information.

6. Vintage inspired web design

Love the vintage era? There’s good news. The rusty vintage style is also a major hot look for 2021. Plain earth color backgrounds filled with antique objects using hints of nostalgia provide a real vintage feeling to the website.

But if you offer PPC services you can mix and match so many design objects from the television era with up-to-date web schemes and styles.

The final verdict

Which website design is the right pick for you? You need to decide on a web design that works for you. Think about your brand as a person and what it stands for. Once you answer these questions, you’re all set to pick a perfect perfect one.

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