Electric Dirt Bike Buying Guide

Electric Dirt Bike Buying Guide – Top Tips for Battery Powered

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Electric Dirt Bike Buying Guide

Dirt bikes on their own are very amazing. However, even more, amazing is the fact that dirt bike owners can move around in their favorite machine without causing any form of danger to the environment. This is possible because of the existence of electric dirt bikes.

As the world moves towards the use of a cleaner source of fuel, dirt bikes are not left behind. If you love dirt bikes and a clean source of energy, you can always get an electric dirt bike.

If you will be buying an electric dirt bike anytime soon, you will need to know what the best electric dirt bikes in the market are.

This article contains some of the best electric dirt bikes in the market. A knowledge of this will help you make the right choice when shopping for an electric dirt bike.

Burromax TT250

This electric dirt bike is suitable for people of all ages. It can be used by a kid as they grow up and can also be used by adults that are not heavier than its weight limit.

Unlike other electric dirt bikes that you might need to sell as soon as your child outgrows its age and weight limit, once you purchase the Burromax TT250, you can be certain you will not be buying an electric dirt bike in no time.

When you purchase this electric dirt bike, you will not be limited to just a single color. This, therefore, makes it ideal for males and females.

Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike 80CC/2.5HP with Suspension

This electric dirt bike was designed specifically for children between the ages of 8 and 10. It comes with lots of amazing features and is also very affordable. When riding the Mega moto gas mini bike, you can hit a maximum speed of 23mph. This is possible because of its 2.5HP engine. Furthermore, you do not have to go through any struggle before you can ride this bike. It has an automatic clutch which ensures that operations are simplified.

When riding the Mega moto gas mini bike, you can be certain of your safety. It comes with lots of safety features that go a long way in ensuring that riders do not deal with so many injuries. Some of these features are an engine stop switch, an exhaust heat shield, a hand-operated rear disc brake, and a chain guard. While there are lots of electric dirt bikes with amazing features, if you are particular about safety, you cannot go wrong with buying this electric dirt bike.

Cake Kalk Electric Bike

The Cake Kalk Electric bike can best be described as the next big thing in the world of electric dirt bikes. It comes with a very simple design that ensures its owner does not put in so much effort into maintaining it.

This bike has 50 miles per hour as its top speed and can be used effortlessly on various terrains. Kalk Electric bike was manufactured in Europe and makes use of an industrial standard IPM motor. It makes use of a 50Ah battery and has a powerful range and torque.

KTM Free Ride E-XC 2018 NG

Produced by KTM, this dirt bike is one you should check out if you have a thing for electric dirt bikes. It features a 42Mn torque and a top-notch control unit. With this bike, you won’t have any struggle moving from the suburbs to rough bike paths.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Dirt Bike


When buying an electric bike, one factor you must give a lot of consideration is age. Electric bikes are made with various age groups in mind. This means a bike that seems perfect for one person might not be good enough for another. With this in mind, you should always consider the age of the prospective owner of an electric bike before going ahead to buy one.

If you are buying an electric bike for an adult, you might not need to give age a lot of attention. However, if you are buying one for a kid, then, one of the things you must give a lot of consideration is the age of the child you are buying the bike for. If you buy an electric bike that was manufactured with another age group in mind for one that is not in that age group, it might be useless for a while if the child will approach such an age group. However, if the child you bought the bike for has crossed such an age group, the dirt bike might be useless.


If there is one thing you have to do before getting an electric dirt bike, that thing will be to come up with a budget. Electric dirt bikes cannot be said to be cheap. Due to this, you will need to know what the available electric dirt bikes are and what they cost.

Although there are various electric dirt bikes of different prices, that does not mean you should go ahead and buy the most affordable. If you must get value from whatever electric dirt bike you purchase, you should know the many features that electric dirt bikes possess. With this, you can get something really good without needing to spend a lot of money.

Weight Limit

Considering the weight limit of an electric dirt bike before shopping for one can be likened to considering age limit. However, unlike age limit, people in an age bracket might not necessarily be in the same weight category.

If you are buying an electric dirt bike for an adult, you might not have a reason to consider weight before doing so. However, if you are buying for a child, the weight limit becomes important as riding a dirt bike that does not have the ability to carry your weight can be really dangerous.

If you are not sure of what your child’s weight is, you should get a bike that has a higher weight limit of you find yourself having to make a choice between two weight limits. Although buying a bike with a higher weight limit might be to your advantage, it implies you will be spending more as heavier bikes cost more.


Various electric dirt bikes have different capacities. As an adult, if you are buying an electric dirt bike for yourself, you might need to buy one with a long-lasting battery. This way, you will be able to get the best out of the use of your electric dirt bike. On the other hand, if you are buying an electric dirt bike for a child, you might want to buy one that does not have a long-lasting battery.

When your kid rides an electric dirt bike with a strong battery, they can always stay out of sight longer. However, if you buy one that does not have a very long-lasting battery capacity, you can always keep them in sight as they will always need to come back to recharge their batteries.


Virtually everyone enjoys speed. There is hardly an electric dirt bike owner that does not enjoy moving very fast. Although speed is amazing, it can also be dangerous. You can use a power meter, a device to measure the force output of the rider on a bike. A power meter buyer’s guide may help you choose the right device for you.

If you are buying an electric bike for yourself, you can buy one that can move as fast as you want. On the other hand, if you are buying an electric bike for a kid, you might want to buy one that does not move so fast.

Inasmuch as everyone enjoys speed, there is a lot of danger associated with speed and your child just might not be ready for handling speed.

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