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Tips To Transform Your Home With Most Versatile Of Hues

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Transform Your HomeColor often takes center stage over other design elements such as texture and pattern. Certain colors have more influence than others thanks to the psychology of colour in the home, and blue has a superpower all of its own. This is true even when its application is understated with lighter shades drifting into soft grays and gentle teals. Creative interior design can make use of all of the palettes of blue to refresh just about any room in your home. Here are ten ideas to transform your home with this most versatile of hues.

  1. Choose Blue Artwork. A living room in neutral colors can come alive with a central piece of blue art. Consider an abstract piece with aggressive lines that draws attention to itself while setting off the furniture and walls.
  2. Select Cerulean Furniture. This beautiful blue shade looks good in a collection of sofas, chairs, tables and furniture accessories, especially when contrasting wood flooring and white walls are in play.
  3. Consider Light Fixtures. The elegant glass of pendant lighting offers an effective way to set off the kitchen from the dining area, and these classic lights always look good over natural stone counters. A top interior designer Santa Monica can show you how to use this approach to powerful effect.
  4. Choose Curtains Wisely. While texture holds more sway in curtains than in many other design elements, it pays to look for gorgeous colors that alter the overall feel of a room. Play around with shades of denim, aquamarine, teal blue or cornflower to set the precise mood you desire.
  5. Revisit the Glory of Wallpaper. There are those who love fresh wallpaper, and those who think it should remain in the past. However, wallpaper offers options that can transform a small dining area or an alcove into a different world. The wide choice of blue hues and interesting patterns and textures allow you to flex some creative muscles.
  6. Consider Blue Tiles in the Bathroom. Whether you want to create a sky blue paradise in your walk-in shower or a splash of blue enamel along with the countertop, tile works well to refresh a bathroom.
  7. Place Pretty Dinnerware in Strategic Settings. All the possibilities of blue dinnerware, from plates to glasses to decorative platters, make for a fun opportunity of design. Place pieces in built-ins, atop cabinets, on furniture, and along windowsills for truly captivating effects. Plus, you get the added bonus of always looking for that next piece in your collection.
  8. Paint Your Way to a New Room. The old standard, fresh paint, never goes out of style. Choose your colors carefully and look at a variety of paint companies, as each has its own shades.
  9. Find the Perfect Accessory. Cabinets, chests, end tables and bookcases come in an endless variety of designs and colors. Look for blue tints and accents in stores and markets.
  10. Consider the Overall Mood. Whatever room you refresh, blue has the power to beautify and transform, so wield your power wisely.

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