Embrace Spring And Incorporate These Colours Into Your Bedroom


With spring now upon us, we’ll start to be blessed with a little more sun (with any luck!) and the blooming of so many different, vibrant flowers. The warmer weather is on its way, and daylight lasts that little bit longer, so things are definitely starting to look up! But, with the world still in a state of disarray and a good portion of our time still being spent at home, it can be hard to make the most of this hopeful season.

However, you’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t have to brave the unpredictable weather to celebrate the changing seasons. You can embrace spring and inject a little more colour into your living space – starting with the bedroom! Whether it’s a refresh of your luxury bedding, or a revamp of that longstanding feature wall, there’s plenty of ways to let yourself know that spring is here. Read on to find out which colours represent this season-best, and how to introduce them into your home.


Not just for the season, yellow has been named one of the two Pantone Colour of the Year choices, with the shade Illuminating. As the name suggests, this hue of yellow is bright and vibrant, described as a “cheerful yellow sparkling with vivacity” as well as providing a warming atmosphere. This is the perfect colour to incorporate into your bedroom in small doses, to help create a positive environment that will leave you feeling refreshed each morning.

Use accent pillows to add this sought-after colour to your bed, or perhaps a throw blanket so you can wrap yourself in the yellowy warmth of spring. It could even be as simple as ensuring that you always have a flourishing bunch of daffodils on your bedside throughout these few months. If you’re looking for a heavier dose of Illuminating, then you may want to look for a wallpaper with predominantly yellow tones, and cover one wall in your bedroom. We recommend the wall that is facing your bed, so you wake up to nothing but yellow and (hopefully) sunlight on a warm spring morning.


Alongside the yellow that appears in the Colour of the Year line-up, you’ll also find Ultimate Grey in the pairing. In partnership with Illuminating, this grey hue helps to give off both strength and positivity. Grey is the perfect colour to complement lighter shades in your bedroom, reflecting the colour of pebbles at the beach, somewhere you will hopefully be visiting very soon! Pantone hails Ultimate Grey as an assuring and resilient colour, which could instill a sense of calm into your space due to these encouraging qualities.

Incorporate grey with a new set of bedding for spring, giving off the same clean and fresh vibes as white, but slightly more homely. Alternatively, take Pantone’s advice and combine grey and yellow for a cheerful effect with a patterned rug or alternative painted walls.

Sage Green

With flowers beginning to bloom once more, and so many different fruits and vegetables coming into the season, nothing quite encapsulates the nature aspect of spring quite like the colour green. We recommend opting for a sage hue – a more soft and muted shade of green. This will give your bedroom a new airy feel, without being too harsh on the eyes. This is the perfect colour for creating a neutral and peaceful place to rest.

If you want to feel closer to nature, injecting this colour via textiles might be the best option for you. Whether that be cushions or bedding – we’ll leave that up to you. Or perhaps you’re feeling a little bolder, and opt for a luxurious sage green curtain, framing your window and helping to welcome in the much-needed sun.

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