Latex Vs Sleep Number Mattress

Latex Vs. Sleep Number Mattress: Which Should You Choose

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Latex Vs Sleep Number Mattress

You have many choices today for your mattress. There are so many types and designs, in fact, that it can feel overwhelming to just shop for one. These are also one of the more costly investments in your home furnishings. Whichever you choose, it should last you for five to fifteen years, depending on its quality and use.

Two of the most popular types of mattresses are latex and Sleep Number. So which of these two should occupy more of your attention and consideration toward the purchase of your next mattress?

What is a Sleep Number mattress?

Sleep Number mattresses are widely advertised on television and heavily promoted in your mattress store. These mattresses provide innovative qualities, primarily allowing you to adjust the firmness of your mattress. This firmness corresponds to an adjustment level; the “number” referred to by the product’s name. You control the adjustment using a remote control.

The firmness number is the original concept of the Sleep Number mattress brand. But they have recently expanded their mattress technology. Today’s Sleep Numbers enable you to track your sleep. The mattress also automatically adjusts mattress comfort according to this tracking as you slumber.

Owner Satisfaction with Sleep Number Mattresses

Many shoppers want to know about the experience of other mattress buyers. Unfortunately, many people do not like their Sleep Number purchase as much as they hoped. Many reports enjoying the comfort at first, but less so over time. Others offer complaints about the mattress quality, functioning, and comfort.

Long-term use is where Sleep Number quality and customer loyalty dwindles. It is the mattress support that most of these dissatisfied consumers complain about. Support plays a major role in the quality of your sleep, after all. According to the complaints, you should consider whether the mattress fits your body type before purchasing.

One of the biggest support issues with the Sleep Number is edge support. You rely on this quality to easily get into and out of your bed. Without good edge support, simply getting off the mattress can involve some work. At first, these mattresses seem to rank well in this area. But that ranking declines over the lifetime of the product.

Another issue with the Sleep Number brand of products is the even distribution of support throughout the mattress. Like edge support, this attribute ranks well when the mattress is new. But over time, many buyers complain about decreasing support.

Diminishing support is a sign of poor durability in a mattress. You need one that is durable to enjoy good sleep consistently over time. Of course, the last thing you want is to have to turn around and buy another mattress in only a few years. Over recent years, mattress quality has really decreased. This is a category that shows how the industry has changed. The Sleep Number mattress is no exception here, with many consumers complaining about discomfort over time.

What is a latex mattress?

Latex is a modern choice for many mattress buyers. In fact, the material used in making latex mattresses is natural and eco-conscious. At the same time, these mattresses provide the benefits of memory foam sleep surfaces without synthetic materials.

The latex used in these products comes from the rubber tree. Other types of memory foam-style mattresses use petroleum-based products or harsh chemicals in their manufacturing. This memory foam quality is certainly one that many consumers love. But you must decide on this preference for yourself. People not partial to a memory foam style sleeping surface are those who typically complain about latex mattresses.

Although you should be wary of consumer reviews in many cases, primarily due to the brand moderation of these comments, you should at least browse such reviews before buying. You can find information about sleep quality in these responses. Just remember, not everyone will be satisfied with any product, no matter the quality.

Many customers are very pleased with their latex mattresses. But some do not like the memory foam feeling you get from latex, saying they hoped for better support. This is particularly true about the edge of the mattress, with latex mattresses not feeling like other products in this category.

Latex mattresses often receive lower ratings on durability, too. But many consumers find their purchases hold up for a decade or longer. Others felt disappointed after several years of use. Those most satisfied with their latex mattress purchase are people who weigh more than average.

Latex vs. Sleep Number: A Personal Choice

In the debate of latex versus Sleep Number, the complete winner comes down to your personal preferences. These are two very different types of mattresses with their own unique attributes. They also have their own unique flaws in the eyes of consumers. On either side, you will find people who love their purchase for many years. At the same time, you find those who wish they bought something different. Your choice comes down to your personal preference for quality sleep and what that quality means to you.

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