7 Essential Packing Tips for A Visit to London

Essential Packing Visit London

So, you have finally found the time to plan a trip to London and are looking forward to exploring this unique metropolis that is home to 10 million people. If you are unsure about what to pack for the trip, here are a few tips for seasoned veterans.


Unless you are going in the middle of the winter, take some sunscreen, just in case there is some good weather, which is always possible. A baseball cap is ideal for sightseeing and if the temperatures are high, apply sunscreen to exposed skin.

Layered Clothing

Unless you are sure about the coming weather (no one is), take a few light cotton T-Shirts and a few sweaters, which will protect against the cold winds that London can experience. If you are planning to visit other parts of the UK and do some hiking, you need to dress appropriately.


British weather is known around the world to be unpredictable, which is one of the reasons the Brits always talk about the weather. A compact umbrella will save the day should the heavens open and if you don’t have such a brolly, you can buy one when you arrive in the UK.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Like it or not, you will be doing a lot of walking. If you travel on the Tube, you will be going up and down to reach the trains, and that is hard on your feet. Even though attractions are close together, you will walk at least 5 miles in one day of serious sightseeing, so do bring comfortable, durable walking shoes. If you want to cut down on walking, book one of the short-stay serviced apartments where you can enjoy 5-star luxury.

Wind & Waterproof Jacket

A light nylon jacket can be stored in one pocket of your travel bag; London can be very windy and storing a plastic jacket will keep you dry and warm if the weather turns. If you don’t have the right kind of jacket, order one online or you could buy one when you land in the UK.

Power Adapter

The UK electrical system is a 220v 3-pin system and if you buy a universal adapter kit, you can charge all your devices. There are 5 star serviced apartments Central London that you can rent for a short stay and by charging your smartphone and tablet overnight, you are ready for another amazing day seeing the sights of London.

Power Bank

If you are planning to spend 10 hours sightseeing, your devices are likely to run out of power. Source a good quality power bank that can recharge multiple devices. Imagine being at the Tower of London and your camera is out of juice! To prevent this from happening, invest in a good quality power bank.

You can do a lot of research online to plan for your trip and choose a select area of the city, you can book a short-stay serviced apartment and get ready for the holiday of a lifetime.

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