What to Pack for Your Rainy Day Outfit While Traveling

Rainy Day Outfit While Traveling

If you love looking good, the weather on any type of day should not bother you. What you need is suitable clothing for the type of weather that you have. Therefore, no matter the weather you encounter as you travel, you can still enjoy your trip. Rain should not be a cause your trip is ruined as there are various things that women can add to their traveling bags to use on a rainy day. For instance, cute rain boots, and rain jackets, among other rainy day outfits. Below are various things you can pack for your rainy day outfit while traveling.

What do we pack or wear when we go out in the rain

An Umbrella

An umbrella comes in handy as you think of a rainy day outfit. Therefore, if where your traveling is going to be raining, it is best to have a compact travel umbrella. If you feel the need not to carry it, you can opt to buy one at your destination. But, why not carry it and it fits perfectly in your carry-on suitcase. More importantly, ensure you check the weather forecast of the destination you are going to, to ensure that your wardrobe suits the weather you will find.

A coat

As you plan what to wear on rainy days, it is not difficult, but you need to plan the right clothing in regard to the itinerary you have in your travel. There are many outwear options you can shop for to wear. You can wear women raincoats, they are stylish, colorful, and suitable for the rain. Choose one that suits the activities that you will be doing in your travels. For instance, will you be hiking, sightseeing indoors, or visiting a city? All these have a type of coat that you can choose to wear on your travels. Also, in a case, you are not expecting any rain, pack a poncho. It will come in handy, in case it rains.

Clothes to wear

As you decide what to wear on a rainy day, dresses to wear over tights or leggings are a good option. Plus, these types of clothes dry quickly as they have porous material. When it comes to pieces like jeans, unless you are wearing them with knee-high boots, avoid them as their fabric takes a long to dry and holds moisture against your skin. Wear waterproof leather boots to get a look that takes you from rain to ritzy. Pair this look with black tights and a dress as it works best for both day and night. Add a trench coat and an umbrella and you are ready to walk out to the rain.


Although you are wearing the right coat, you have an umbrella, somehow water gets to your face. Thus, as you decide what to wear on a rainy day, make-up is a part of it. Thus, you must have waterproof mascara, if you will be wearing makeup. Also, opt for tinted mascara as it soaks well into the skin, and get an all-over color stick as it will work best than powered eyeshadows and blushes. Plus, in general, make-up color sticks are amazing travel products to have. They work well with rain and they pass through security easily.


Most ladies are in a dilemma on whether they should pack their boots or not. Besides, it is not wise to pack your boots unless you are sure that you will have multiple uses for them. Also, the type of boots you plan on carrying depends on where you are traveling to. For instance, if you will be around your city, leather boots are a good choice for an all-weather shoe. Since they match well with most outfits and you can wear them in various settings.

To sum it up, if you are wondering whether the rain will ruin your trip, it will not, all you have to do is make the most of it with how you dress up. Other than having the above essentials, plan to enjoy a hot bath every night, if you feel chilly. Plus, ensure you have the right gear for the rainy days. Additionally, plan your itinerary according to the rain, for instance, save indoor activities for the rainy days.

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