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Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Water Fountain to your Garden

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Water Fountain GardenThere is nothing more peaceful and striking than a beautiful garden with a stunning water fountain. However, not all water fountains are meant for gardens. Therefore, it is important to consider a few things before making a purchase decision.

Here are some tips to help you add the perfect water feature for your garden.

Different types of garden fountains

There are various types of water fountains, each unique to suit the landscape design. Also, the purpose of the fountain will also help determine the right type of fountain to add to the garden.

For instance, if you have a formal garden, then you would need a classic standing fountain in contemporary or traditional style.

A natural garden may look best with a small pond fountain fitted with water jets. You can also Get Pond Fountains With Lights to make the water feature a focal point even at night!

Some may prefer to install an outdoor fountain on the wall with a spout into the reservoir.

In all these cases, you would also be required to add a pump that can be used to circulate the water. Fountain pumps are readily available in the markets and be easily added to your garden water feature.

Reasons to get a pool/pond fountain

Pool or pond fountain keeps stirring the water that prevents mosquitoes from breeding. At the same time, this fountain also increases the water circulation that improves water quality.

As a result, it keeps the plants fresh by inhibiting the algae growth and allows the fish to survive longer. A large container water garden fountains are ideal for those who want to create a visual appeal in their gardens. If you want the fountain to be a focal point in your garden décor, then a pool or pond fountain makes an ideal choice.

Benefits of Adding a water fountain to your garden

If you want to give a facelift to your garden but unsure whether to add a water feature, then here are some reasons why you should:

  • They are soothing: A Japanese-style garden fountain in your background will create a Zen-like atmosphere. All you need to do is submerge a small pump in a stone bowl and let the trickling sound of water unleash its soothing magic. This low maintenance fountain adds a visual and soothing element to your garden.
  • Cool the garden air: Fountains have a cooling effect on not just the people but also your immediate environs. The splashing sound of water features is also a refreshing addition to the garden on a hot summer day.
  • They provide white noise: The white noise produced from the fountains in your garden can block the disturbing sound from the road. The trickling of water is the perfect ambient sound to make your place feel peaceful.
  • Attracts birds: Make your garden a natural habitat for the birds. You can install a birdfeeder and space for a birdbath. Birds, fountains, and garden greens will complete the natural beauty of your garden.

Fountain Safety Tips

Installing the fountain alone is not enough. You also have to follow the safety protocol. Here are some tips to keep its kids and pets safe:

  • Keep your kids in mind when installing a fountain: Fountains should always be placed on a raised platform if you have small kids and/or pets in your home. You can also place a grill over the pool top to make it safer.
  • Add plants to the fountain periphery: Water lilies and other aquatic plants around your fountain can prevent people from going near it.

Pondless water feature

You can also consider a pondless water feature if you want something that requires less maintenance. You can get a waterfall or a series of waterfalls that gently cascade into a concealed reservoir covered with stone. If you are a busy homeowner who would love to have the sound of water in their ambiance but without the pond, then a pondless feature is perfect for your space.

Another good thing about a pondless water feature is the safety. Since there are no open water pools, there is no need to do fencing or build barriers to keep the people and kids away.

A backyard feature doesn’t always have to be imposing. It can be a simple design in small or large sizes, depending upon the availability of space. They can range from an accent piece or a focal point of the landscape. If you want to add a beautiful moving water feature in your yard, then talk to a landscaping professional who can recommend the best solution for keeping your budget and space restrictions in mind.

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