Six Important Things To Consider When Buying A New Lawn Mower

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Buying-New-Lawn-MowerA lawnmower is a machine with revolving blades to cut a grass surface and other plants that grow on the ground. You may consider the following things while buying a new lawn mower that can take care of your lawn and cut grass efficiently.

Consider the size and shape of your lawn

When looking to buy a suitable lawn mower, it is very important that you evaluate what kind of lawnmower will fit your needs. For small-sized yards, a push mower would be considered efficient for tight turns and getting the job done quickly and well. Another open option is to push mowers with self-propulsion. For large-sized yards, you should consider a ridable lawn mower, though more expensive, a ridable lawn mower will be ideal to cover the space within a good time and effectively.

Is a push mower right for you?

If you have a small-sized yard in a town, apartment, or a city, a push mower is likely just perfect for you. A push mower can have features such as self-propulsion making it easier to push around and navigate the yard with, push mowers can be very nimble when taking turns. Depending on the lawnmower brand, a push mower can be cheap, or even as expensive as a ridable mower. The price is determined by the features on the mower. For people with a little more strength and a small yard, a powerless push mower could be a fantastic budget option. The mower has large sharp blades that spin as the mower is pushed, and will cut the grass.

A corded electric or cordless battery model is an eco-friendly option that saves you money and decreases your carbon footprint. Because these do not run on gasoline, they are also less noisy, which will keep your neighbors happy.

Is a rideable mower right for you?

There are three basic types of ridable lawnmowers. The first type of ridable lawn mower is the basic rear-engine riding mower. Coming from lawn mower critics, the rear engine riding mower is considered to be the least useful of the three types. But if all you want to do is simply cut grass, then the rear-engine lawnmower might be just right for you.Lawn Care Tips

The second is the zero-turn mower, this means the mower has a turning radius that is effectively zero. For yards with lots of twists and turns, this mower is for you. The zero-turn mower is much more efficient.

The next step up of ridable lawn mowers is the lawn tractor. The lawn tractor comes with more features and can cut more grass at a faster speed. The lawn tractor is the most powerful. The lawn tractor mower can cover large amounts of grass, but being bigger will be more difficult to navigate rounded edges and turns.

Deciding what features, you want on your lawnmower

If you want a lawnmower that will mulch the grass before it spits out the side of the mower, it is useful to research which mower will have this feature. Mulching the grass removes the added chore of raking the yard after mowing the yard. When the mower mulches the grass, the grass will decompose into the dirt, which adds nutrients to the soil and creates a healthy yard. If you want a mower that can go faster or slower, there are lawn mowers that have a slow or fast option built-in. This can be useful when mowing long stretches of the yard. A deck lever on a mower controls the amount of grass that is cut. When the deck is very low, the mower will cut the grass very short. When the deck level is high, the mower will leave the grass trimmed. Keep in mind, that a low deck can hit rocks and dirt, which can cause some issues for the blades of the mower. Consider the fact that the more features that your lawn mower has, the more your lawn mower will cost. Be sure to stay within your budget and your needs.

Considering warranties for your lawnmower

When you finally buy your lawnmower, it will most likely come with a warranty. Be sure to very carefully look through the entire warranty so that you will have a full understanding of replacement costs, refunds, and expiration dates. You can get anything from a two-year warranty upwards, and of course, you can often buy an additional warranty period for your new lawnmower at the checkout. A warranty is for when the mower is broken or defective, but may have conditions on good maintenance, such as oil changes.

Setting a budget for your lawn mower

Some mowers can be pretty expensive, but there are options you can navigate to save money or make sure you get your money’s worth. You can research less well-known brand lawn mowers that are comparable to the top-selling brands. This will be cheaper, and can even get you a great mower that lasts for years of usage, however, beware of the downsides – such as finding parts.

Another simple option is to look for used lawn mowers. You can search through social media marketplaces, look in your local newspapers, or talk to friends and family about finding a lawn mower that no one is using anymore

If you buy your lawn mower used, keep in mind that it will not come with a warranty or the option to expand a warranty, so if you break or lose the mower, it is a full loss for you, then again if parts are available and you love tinkering with mechanical things, you may not even need a warranty. For most people, when looking for a mower to buy used, making sure it is fully functional is essential. You do not want to end up with a broken or defective lawn mower that you cannot use, so you’ll want to see it running and cutting grass or know you can take it back.

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