Everything You Need to Know about Roll-up Garage Door Openers

Roll-up Garage Door OpenersToday, there are many options available when it comes to garage door openers. People tend to select a favorable variety depending on the look of their home as well as taking into consideration, durability, and security aspects.

One of the most common and best choices is a roll-up door opener. Roll-up doors can be used in a variety of settings in both commercial and residential settings. As the name itself suggests, these types of garage door openers use a roll-up mechanism. They are comparatively much more efficient and do not fail easily. They essentially consist of an extension string system that works as a counterweight for the door.

What is a Roll-Up Door Opener?

Roll-up door openers are operated on the basis of a mechanism that allows the panel to move up and down vertically. Thus, the panels can be gathered into a roll.

Roll-up door openers are available in a variety of sizes, designs, configurations, and shapes. Also, they can be made of different types of materials, depending on their functionality. Professional garage companies can help in the selection of a proper roll-up garage door opener design based on your requirements.

Why Should You Opt for Roll-Up Garage Door Openers?

Roll-up types of garage door openers save up a lot of space and are, therefore, very convenient for residential use. They are ideal for small office buildings or small commercial set-ups. In some of the cases, roll-up designs can also be used for store-fronts during the night to protect from burglaries or any damage.

Types of Roll-Up Door Openers

The roll-up garage door can essentially be classified into two important types:

  • Section roll-up door openers
  • Rolling steel door openers

Section roll-up door openers

Section roll-p door openers consist of about 4 to 5 horizontal panels of the same size. These large panels are fixed together and are rolled up or down together. They can be completely rolled up onto the ceiling and thereby, help in saving the space. They can be made of steel, fiberglass, or even wood. However, aluminum is a good choice because of its lightweight and compatibility.

Rolling steel door openers

The rolling steel type of door openers consists of one large panel. The panels are insulated and can be electrically coated with any desirable material or paint.

If such a door is made of fiberglass, they tend to be fragile and have shorter shelf-life. Door openers made of steel are the most durable and long-lasting. However, wood cannot be the basic material for the manufacturing of these door openers as they are not robust enough.

Operating Mechanisms

Commercial garage door installation can open up a variety of accessories to choose from. Jackshaft operators and Pantheon Electric door operators are two types of mechanisms which are used for roll-up garage door opening mechanisms.

  • Jackshaft Operators

Jackshaft operators are used when the garage door is installed with a chain, shaft, and sprockets. Jackshaft’s operating mechanism is one of the quickest and safest operating technicalities which commercial installers also use.

  • Pantheon Electric Door Operators

This operator makes uses of an electric device that uses low voltage DC motors. This guarantees manual control over the garage door system as well. One of its advantages includes the use of an internal reduction gear system which is of immense help for the functioning of the motor if the garage door is particularly heavy. Most of the electric door operators also provide a 1-year guarantee for defects or poor workmanship in some cases.

Types of Paints Used for Roll-Up Garage Doors

The paints which are used on roll-up garage doors are a special type of polyester paint which is much more durable than regular oil paints. They are particularly produced to provide excellent protection from corrosion because garage doors have to bear the brunt of hot summers, damp rains, and chilly winters. These paints offer hardness and flexibility and make the garage door look polished even after decades.

The paints consist of around 4 to 5 topcoats along with primers to create the final finished look. Textured features can complement a home really well if the owner is willing to shell out a few more pennies.

Colors, Finishes, and Textures Available

As mentioned earlier, roll-up door openers can be finished with a variety of materials and textures. Lots of color shades and tints are readily available in the market. This also makes them ideal for residential purposes due to the design varieties they offer. The common colors for roll-up doors include polar blue, silhouette grey, royal blue, desert tan, fern green, ochre brown, teal, cedar red, marine green as well as sunset orange. Custom colors can be designed with additional costs.

Benefits of Roll-Up Garage Door Openers

Roll-up doors have multiple advantages due to their functionality and durability. The benefits are detailed down as follows:

Highly Durable

The roll-up garage doors are specifically manufactured to ensure smooth lifting and lowering movement. Most of the modern and high-end garage doors come with advanced features including radial ball bearings, door stops, head axles, ratchet tensioning devices, and a torque tube assembly. Some companies also offer magnetic stainless steel latches along with door springs.

Cheap Maintenance

The roll-up doors don’t need major maintenance from time-to-time. Wash the garage door opener with a power wash tool once a month and you are good to go. It doesn’t require lubrication or any oiling, and even if it does, it is very minimal. The door can be in good condition for decades as long as it is not exposed to extremely harsh weather, which is out of the question in most of the cases.  Garage door service Las Vegas, as well as the maintenance of rolling garage door openers, are convenient.


Roll-up garage door openers offer excellent security. Breaking-in through a roll-up garage door is next to impossible. You can enjoy a good night’s sleep provided you have locked the door properly.

Wrapping Up

Roll-up garage door openers are a great choice for virtually any type of climate. They are built to last a lifetime, given that you make the proper choice. A professional garage company can help you select the best version of roll-up garage door opener for you and you are good to go.

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