Keep Pool Water Cool in Summer

How Can You Keep Swimming Pool Water Cool in Summer

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Keep Pool Water Cool in Summer

Summer is the time when everyone wants a cool place so they can save themself from the heat wave and hot weather which become the cause of body sweat, odor, and angry mood. You may also want to stay in an air conditioning room, a green shadow-based outdoor, or a cool water swimming pool. Many people like to bathe and swim in the outdoor pool or home pool. But there is a big challenge to keep swimming pool water cool in the summer weather.

5 Ways to Keep Pool Water Cool in Summer

There are many ways to keep your swimming pool water cool in a hot summer, depending on your budget and preference. Here are some of the most common methods:

Pool Shed or Cover

A pool shed or cover is a structure that can be used to keep the water in a swimming pool cool during hot weather. A pool shed can have a roof, walls, and windows that provide shade and ventilation for the pool. A pool shed can also have a fan or insulation system to lower the temperature of the water. A pool shed can make the pool more comfortable and enjoyable for the users. Shade the pool from direct sunlight with trees, umbrellas, or awnings.

Pool Chillers

A pool chiller is a device that can keep your pool water cool and refreshing in the hot summer months. It works by circulating the water through a cooling system that lowers the temperature by several degrees. A pool chiller can be air-cooled or water-cooled, depending on the type and size of your pool. A pool chiller can help you save money on pool chemicals, as cooler water evaporates less and requires less treatment. A pool chiller can also extend your swimming season, as you can enjoy your pool even when the weather is warm. A pool chiller is a great way to enhance your pool experience and comfort.

Drain and Refill

To keep your pool water cool, you need to change it regularly. You can drain the old lukewarm water and refill it with fresh cool water. This will lower the temperature and prevent algae growth. You should do this every day, weekly, or as needed.

Add Ice

Adding ice to a pool can be a way to lower the temperature of the water and make it more refreshing in hot weather. Consider some factors to consider before doing this. One factor is the amount of ice needed to cool the pool. This depends on the shape and size of the pool, the initial temperature of the water, and the desired temperature. A general formula to estimate the amount of ice needed.

Another factor is the effect of ice on the pool chemistry. Adding ice can change the pH, alkalinity, and hardness of the water, which can affect the comfort and safety of swimmers. A third factor is the cost and availability of ice. Buying or making enough ice to cool a pool can be expensive and time-consuming.

Add more features

Run your pool filter at night. This will circulate the water and expose it to the cooler air, which can drop the temperature by a few degrees. Turn on water features such as waterfalls, fountains, or aerators. These will create splashes and droplets that increase evaporation and cooling.

Summertime pools are a great way to beat the heat at home and enjoy some fun in the outdoor atmosphere. But how do you keep the water cool and refreshing? There are a few tips that can help you maintain a comfortable temperature for your pool water.

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