Veronica Beard Blazers

Everything You Need to Know About Veronica Beard Blazers

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Veronica Beard Blazers

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping + Styling Your Veronica Beard Blazer

When it comes to women’s blazers, few can compete with those sold by the Veronica Beard brand. Veronica Beard’s jackets are some of the most stylish and well-crafted jackets in the fashion industry. Their large collection of jackets includes the popular Dicky Jacket and its many variations, as well as single and double-breasted blazers. If you’re looking to add some color, style, and a professional look to your wardrobe, Veronica Beard is an excellent choice.

Where Can You Buy Veronica Beard Brand Blazers/Jackets?

You can purchase Veronica Bread brand merchandise from its available official online website Veronica Beard. Veronica Beard products can also be found on other select online fashion retailers. The brand also has retail store locations in the following areas:

  • Madison Avenue, New York
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Palm Beach, Florida
  • Georgetown, Washington DC
  • Dallas, Texas
  • London, England (United Kingdom)

For international readers not to worry, Veronica Beard also ships to many locations internationally as well. Unfortunately, they do not have boutique locations available in any countries outside of the United States and the United Kingdom at this time. They do not ship to international PO boxes at this time. If shopping internationally, the brand’s official website allows its users to change the currency displayed via a dropdown menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen. This menu has a rather large selection of countries and currencies so there is a good chance yours will be available. All countries within the drop-down menu are countries the brand will ship to.

Who Owns Veronica Beard?

The founders of Veronica Beard are both fabulous in work and in life. These two’s ability to balance running a highly successful clothing brand and raising families is truly something to admire. Image courtesy of MLManhattan.

The Veronica Beard brand was created by two very talented women Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard. Both are mothers and both belief in enduring personal style as well as the idea that every wardrobe should work for real life.

Veronica Swanson Beard

Veronica S. finds her inspiration in all the women she knows and has met in her life. She can speak fluent Spanish. She is a mother of 3 and she feels the best thing about being a mother is being there for her kids’ special little moments, like soccer games.

Veronica Miele Beard

Veronica M. is a wife and has 5 kids. She finds inspiration in the daily game of life. She’s the type of woman who loves a good bet. Veronica M. considers being a mother both the hardest and most rewarding thing she’s ever done.

Veronica Beard’s Blazers/Jackets

Picking a jacket to wear from Veronica Beard’s catalog is probably the hardest part of shopping for the brand. There are just so many great choices to pick from and plenty of them are available in multiple colors. So how do you know which blazer/jacket is right for you? Generally speaking, the brand’s blazers and jackets pair well with almost every other item in the brand’s catalog. They work especially well with jeans, heels, and many of the brand’s other bottoms.

Veronica Beard’s products function well as both work and weekend attire. Especially their jackets and blazers.

If you have questions related to sizes and fits the brand has its own dedicated page that goes over the general size and fit information for many of its products. When it comes to the brand’s blazers and jackets they generally come in two size ranges, 00 through 14 and 16 through 24. You should also keep in mind that jackets made from different materials may have slight differences in their fit depending on the material it’s made from. An example of this would be jackets made from tweed and wool fabrics or even jackets with or without shoulder pads.

One last thing on jacket variations, Dickey jackets made before the year 2012 will have a different zipper design compared to the current styles, this really shouldn’t be an issue if you’re making your purchase from the brand’s official retail store locations, it’s online store page or other affiliated fashion retailers like Shopbop since they will have the more up-to-date zipper designs for their listed products. This is really only an issue if you’re buying your Veronica Beard blazers/jackets from a second-hand location, which is not recommended in the slightest.

Most of the blazers/jackets from Veronica Beard are made in Italy, Portugal, and other parts of the world using precision tailoring and lots of care. As a result, it is highly recommended by many of the brand’s product pages that you have these jackets cleaned by a professional dry cleaner.

How to Avoid Counterfeit Veronica Beard Products?

Counterfeiting and fakes are a continuous problem within the fashion industry. Many popular brands suffer from this issue and do everything in their power to prevent and stop the selling of counterfeit products, including working with local and federal governments. The sale and production of counterfeit products will oftentimes lead to financial damage to the original brand’s company and potentially the area’s government as well. The counterfeiting process can also encourage unsavory things within a country or economy like child labor and the growth of organized crime.

Using second-hand retailers can be tempting since they often advertise deals and sales that seem too good to be true (and they often are), but they should be avoided if only to ensure you are getting the highest quality version of the item you’re purchasing. The best way to avoid getting tricked by fakes and counterfeits is to shop for your name-brand products on the brand’s official website, at the brand’s official boutiques/ retail stores, or purchase your items through officially affiliated retailers, either in-store or online.

Does Veronica Bead Have Sales For its Blazers and Other Products?

Believe it or not, the brand does actually have sales for many of its products including its blazers and jackets. These sale items can be easily found by visiting the brand’s official website and navigating to the Sale tab located at the top right of the page. The items on sale vary throughout the year but almost always include some of the brand’s bottoms, tops, shoes, and jackets. If you’re looking to get a particular item at a discounted price it is highly recommended that you wait until that item is on sale through this page or through some kind of promotion being run officially through the brand itself.

Veronica Beard’s Miller Dickey Jacket

This Dickey Jacket is one of the brand’s classic items. It is available in four color patterns, black with silver buttons, black with gold buttons, navy with gold buttons, and navy with silver buttons. Image courtesy of Veronica Beard.

The brand’s Miller Dickey Jacket proves to be one of the brand’s best-selling items season after season, and for good reason, It’s hard to beat the classics. This version of the classic Miller design has multiple decorative buttons that give the jacket an extra bit of color. This jacket has a slight stretch which allows for a flexible and comfortable fit. This jacket is made from 63% polyester, 27% viscose, 7% cotton, and 3% elastane.

Veronica Beard’s Iconic Scuba Dicky Jacket

This Scuba Jacket is available in three colors, navy, black, and white. Image courtesy of Veronica Beard.

Veronica Beard’s Iconic Scuba Dicky Jacket is both super comfortable and wrinkle-resistant. It’s made using the brand’s signature stretch nylon fabric and is available in sizes 00 through 24. The jacket also features a single-button closure and zippable pockets. Whether it’s worn with a pair of the brand’s Scuba Leggings or a pair of the brand’s Zip Back Scuba Pants, the Scuba Jacket is a great choice for work or travel.

Veronica Beard’s Miller Scuba Dicky Jacket

This Scuba Jacket is only available in one color, flame red.

The Miller Scuba Dicky Jacket share’s a lot of similarities with the brand’s crossover jacket the Wonder Woman x Veronica Beard: Miller Dicky Jacket. This jacket does not have the comic book-style lining so it’s the best choice for people who aren’t the biggest fan of D.C.’s classic superhero. The jacket does have strong wrinkle-resistant fabric that is both super comfortable and stretchy. This is because the jacket is made from the brand’s signature stretch scuba material. The other materials within the jacket are Polyamide and Elastane. If you’re looking for a jacket that provides a flattering slim fit in a bold red color, the Miller Scuba Dicky Jacket is a great choice.


The two founders have definitely captured their beliefs in their collections of blazers and jackets. All of which bring that air of professional working style to any outfit. If you’re looking to add a bit of professional charm to your wardrobe you won’t find a much better choice than Veronica Beard.


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