Fantasy Plush Children Toy Gift

Fantasy Plush Children Toy Gift Guide: From Unicorns to Dragons

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Fantasy Plush Children Toy Gift

Fantasy plush toys are soft and adorable, and provide comfort to children of all ages. That’s why they are a favorite among kids worldwide. Plushies are the perfect gift for your kid this festive season.

We bet you have memories of a favorite cuddly or soft toy you had as a kid. Such memories are what make childhood a treasure. So with that said you understand why finding the perfect plushie to gift your child is essential.

It is inevitable for all kids to interact with adults of different ages. However, being youngsters, they are still acquiring social skills. As a parent, you might be surprised to find that soft toys might help your child develop proper manners, motor skills, and social skills.

No matter how happy you are to give your child a soft toy, a responsible parent thinks about it first. Don’t be tempted to stuff your baby’s bed with plushies like the ones you see on social media just yet.

Here is a guide to help you, when shopping for a fantasy plush toy.

1. Safety first

When choosing a plushie to gift a kid the first thing to consider is safety and quality. Check if the toy is made of hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials. Additionally, make sure that there are no small parts the kid can remove or seams they can undo.

Usually, plush toys made from cheap materials wear and tear faster. Not only will your child be at risk of eating the stuffing, but they will also be sad to lose their new toy.

2. Consider your child’s age

When buying a plushie toy, buying an age-appropriate fantasy plushie is important. Go for toys that are soft and easy to grab especially for younger children. Younger kids usually grab anything around them. Choose a soft toy that will support the growth of their motor skills.

For kids who are a bit older, choose plush toys that are larger and more interactive. They will help foster their creativity and social skills with both adults and other kids. The age recommendation label on the item will indicate the recommended age range.

3. Size

Sometimes giving a child that’s too big for them is risky because it may cover their face and even suffocate them. Likewise, your kid may get bored quickly with a plushie that’s too small for them. Hence when selecting their plushie find the size that’s perfect for them.

To help you choose a fantasy plush toy that is the right size, you can check the other toys that the kid has. This will help you know the perfect size to choose.

4. Find a fantasy plush toy gift that matches the personality of the child

Consider your child’s interests and preferences when buying them a fantasy plush toy. Not every kid likes dragons or unicorns. For example, if the kid enjoys playing with animals find a plushie, that represents that.

A plush toy of their favorite superhero will make the child happy if they are a lover of cartoon characters.

5. Go for a plushie that is easy to maintain

Anything a child constantly plays with gets dirty. With this, it is easy for the toy to harbor germs and with kids constantly putting stuff into their mouths it can become an issue. Find a plushie with materials that you can easily toss in the washing machine or you can remove the cover and wash.

If durability is crucial to you, get a long-lasting plushie. High-quality soft toys are typically more durable and resistant to wear, so choose a high-end one if you want your child to enjoy their plush toy for many years.

6. Consider comfort

Toys are the perfect choice to provide comfort for children when dealing with intense emotions. Even the sight of their favorite toy will quickly change a crying kid to a laughing one in seconds.

A soft, familiar toy can help to calm their anxiety and give them the confidence to confront similar situations in the future. Nobody wants to go through an awful situation. It is generally a lot worse for children to go through it since they usually carry it with them into adulthood.

Even something simple as spending the night in a hospital might instill a phobia of hospitals in a child. When your child has been through or is about to go through a scenario that will upset them for a long time, try gifting them a fantasy plush toy.

The ideal time to gift your child a fantasy plush toy

A child is still experiencing new things as they grow and everything seems new to them.  In certain circumstances, new experiences might cause anxiety in children even when there is nothing to worry about. Moments like this are ideal for introducing a plush toy to a child.

Stroking the fur of a soft toy or cuddling it tight may assist them in coping with the stress of being in an unfamiliar location. A plush toy can also assist a child self-soothe while his or her parents are not there. If your child has their favorite plushie with them, they may face new circumstances bravely, such as visiting a relative or attending daycare for the first time.

Expect your kid to take their plushie with them wherever they go for comfort. The poor toy will become dirty as a result of its escapades. Make sure the plush animal is clean at all times so your child may take their small companion everywhere.

There is a wide range of plush toys to choose from and, selecting the perfect one for your child be a bit challenging. However, if you follow this guide when buying your gift you are assured that whoever receives the gift will be happy. Lastly, ensure you check reviews and buy from children’s toy stores known for their quality.

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