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Magnificent Machines – 4 Fascinating Machines That Have Revolutionized The Agricultural Industry

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Fascinating Agricultural MachinesThe agricultural industry has come a long way from the days where we had to swelter in the heat from dawn till dusk to harvest crops. While many tasks are still completed manually, there are quite a few fantastic machines available to make our lives easier. Today, we’ll be looking at four such fascinating machines that have revolutionized the agricultural industry:

Grape Harvesters

When entire vineyards had to be gone over by hand, it could take weeks for a crop to be harvested. Not only did this incur a massive labor cost, but it also had the potential to lead to large amounts of wastage if grapes became too ripe on the vine or sat waiting for too long before their box was packed and ready to be used.

Grape harvesters have made this task far quicker and easier and since grape harvester parts can be purchased easily enough if you know where to look, you won’t have to worry about your most productive mechanical employee needing too many sick days.

Automatic Cow Milkers

There used to be a time where you’d have a whole team on the farm whose only purpose was to milk cows all day, sleep, and repeat. Luckily, automatic cow milkers now exist and have made the process a whole lot easier and safer. Your milker generally won’t be bothered if your cow kicks it, and it’s far more efficient than sitting there with a bucket going through your herd one by one.

Fancy Tractors

Back in the day, tractors weren’t all that exciting. Sure, you could use them to plow, but they were quite slow and cumbersome. These days, however, you can get all sorts of fancy tractors that will make your life easier in a whole host of ways.

Investing in a tractor that is the right size and has the required attachments is one of the best choices an agricultural business can make, and as they’re made more versatile, they’ll become even more crucial to the running of your farm.


Often referred to as quads, ATVs tend to get a bad reputation due to the dangers they pose when not operated correctly. When used the right way, they can be quite useful to the running of a farm. Need to move something small but heavy or hard to carry? Use the ATV. Need to get from one end of the farm to the other in a hurry? Use the ATV. Don’t want your canine friend using up all their energy before they round up your flock? Use the ATV.

These versatile little machines are also a great addition to your arsenal if walking around is getting to be a bit much. They may not seem all that fascinating if you’re used to having one around, but given the fact that they can be used for both work and recreation and are such versatile little workhorses, we believe they deserved a mention.

As technology advances, the agricultural industry is sure to move forward with it. These revolutionary machines will probably be quite outdated in a decade, but for now, they’re fascinating. Especially such large and useful inventions as grape harvesters and cow milkers. It’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest machinery being created as anything that improves efficiency also drives productivity up and costs and wastage down. Keep your eyes open for what comes next, and let us know your favorite piece of machinery in the comments.

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