Indian Wedding Accessories

The Finest Indian Wedding Accessories that Can Make a Bride Stand Out

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Indian Wedding Accessories

You must have chosen your favorite Chunnis and Lehengas for your wedding, which cost huge bucks. It’s natural for you to pay more attention to your collection of bridal accessories and ensure you look stunning on the wedding day.

Bridal accessories can indeed help in changing your entire appearance on the wedding day. These days, you have many online jewelry retailers showcasing their finest collections at e-commerce portals. All you need is to compare their choicest wedding collections and place your order using the jewelry discount coupon codes or gift vouchers. Now, let’s check out some of the most elegant accessories that can draw all eyes on the bride:

Shoes that make a difference

Get a pair of shoes that go well with your bridal outfit. Again, it depends on your specific tastes and preferences. It’s entirely up to you whether you’ll buy a pair that matches single attire or choose to go for something that goes on with most outfits. It’s all about getting you embellished, but there are a few things that you’ll agree with; you shouldn’t wear stilettos for your wedding.  High heels may cause much pain, and you don’t like to take that risk. If you’re attending the wedding ceremony of another person, you may choose to wear it only if you’re comfortable while walking in a crowded place.

A Purse for the key essentials

Holding the purse is very important for the Indian bride. Right from the moment when she steps into the wedding venue, she keeps on carrying it. She uses it for keeping all small things that a bride can’t do without, like gift vouchers, cards, Kajal, and lipstick. Almost half of her makeup kit finds a place in her purse. The Potli Purse is very much in trend right now!

Nail Polish to add more shine

Girls are fond of polishing their nails very frequently.  However, you must choose a decent color that goes well with your bridal attire instead of trying those quirky ones. If you’re searching for a few unique shades, you may opt for olive and dark orange. But for those that long for a traditional combination might choose golden, red, and maroon over other colors. Most of these colors match wedding attires of various shapes and textures. You may keep your complexion in mind while picking a nail polish. The Kangas and Chudis won’t look that heavy once you put on sober nail color.

Bindis for recognizing the bride

The bindi is an age-old symbol that helps you identify an Indian bride in an instant. Apart from the bride, her loved ones also take the opportunity to wear bindis of various types at a wedding event. Bindis appear in multiple colors, sizes, and shapes. You may always keep them in your purse if your in-laws favor a traditional look. A bride often overlooks her hair accessories, although it’s essential to veil her head. If you’re a bride, you must decide on whether you should have it or not. Bobby pins, stone studs, ponytail holders, and French barrette clips are always high on demand.

Flower Accessories to enhance the bridal charm

Bridal flower accessories are catching up with the wedding trend at large. They spread a sweet fragrance, weigh less, and feel comfortable on a big occasion. The modern Indian bride may even choose to wear a few traditional accessories on the wedding day. Her collection mostly includes the waistband, rings, anklets, neckpieces, toe rings, nose pins, and earrings among other things. These accessories come in various sizes, shapes, and designs that keep you engrossed while shopping. Compared to your other accessories, the flower accessories are bound to look good both ethnically and aesthetically.

Some of you may choose to wear specific custom jewelry, but in the end, you have to decide on how you wish to look different. After all, it’s an occasion that you’ve been dreaming of since childhood.

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