Getting Ready for FIFA World Cup 2022: Rumors, Gossip, Curiosities

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The World Cup is an event even for those who know about this sport only by hearsay. After all, before it starts, scandals flare up, intrigues twist or an extremely peculiar advertisement comes out, which instantly becomes viral. Moreover, it is not dispersed by media specialists or hackers, but by people themselves who are looking for such videos. This year, Lionel Messi became the hero of the advertising plot.

By the way, he has very good odds with bookmakers when betting on the Golden Boot prize, and the Argentine team is in the top 3 favorites of the tournament. So the excitement is raging in the blood and it is necessary to place bets. If you don’t have a betting app yet, then go to link.

Argentina team in Qatar: found the most comfortable place

Argentines “hid” in the country’s largest university. Five-star hotels, of course, are good, but on the university campus, they found peace, maximum security, and a place for barbecue.

Given the special cultural traditions of Qatar, the national team chose the best option to show respect for the host country, while creating conditions for the players “at home”.

It’s hard to be the best

Returning to advertising with Messi, one immediately recalls the recent breakthrough of female fans on the field right during the game with the UAE. How the two girls contrived to slip through the guards is understandable, but they were close to realizing a global dream: to hug Lionel.

The difficulty of the situation lies in the fact that as the Argentines move towards the final, Messi’s popularity will only increase, so security will have to be on the alert around the clock.

Take a look at the offers of bookmakers, maybe there you can already bet on whether Messi will be able to hide from the fans or not.

The Brazilian team is subtly hinted at the “thick” circumstances

This world championship can be called a “vanity fair”. Instead of a team game, the same Brazilians are recommended to play for Neymar. Perhaps it came from Argentina, which really relied on Lionel.

But football players from Brazil have a completely different situation. There is an incredibly stellar squad, with forwards being the most represented. And Neymar is not Messi. And given the multimillion-dollar salaries of the best athletes, few will agree to sacrifice their careers and fortunes. Indeed, immediately after the Championship, the most serious transfer window of the year will open.

Strange Rumors

It is actively whispered on the sidelines that Manchester United decided to sign Kylian Mbappe from PSG. And he is ready to give the club 170 million. Killian himself will get a salary of almost 600,000 per week.

Judging by the incredible amounts, this is preparing a change for Ronaldo.

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