The Gloomy Black and White Office Interior That Boost Productivity

Black and White Office Interior

Ya Vsesvit is a personal office owned by a design studio, Yakusha Design, that is designed in a very monochromatic theme. The area of the space is able to accommodate 80 chairs during the event.

Named Ya Vsesvit, this studio office is led by designer Victoriya Yakusha, who wanted her office to be as accommodating as possible. She wants every one of her employees to be able to work under the same roof in order to promote collaboration and make the workflow faster.

Space is created for architects, fashion designers, visualizers, stylists, photographers, and copywriters – anyone who hunts for inspiration,” says Yakusha. “Ya Vsesvit also means ‘I’m the universe’ in Ukrainian, so the interior is built on the idea of combining.”

She said that the interior of the office that is monochromatic and trendy is suitable for those who work in media and creative fields like designers, writers, photographers, or stylists. It is proven to be true in real life because there are a number of functions in the spaces in the building that is all connected by its monochromatic nuance.

Yakusha has a multidisciplinary background. Other than designing, she also creates a furniture brand from traditional materials to give a sense of native country style, like those made of wood, clay, bark, and linen. Related to the interior of Ya Vsesvit, Yakusha implemented some partition made of black bricks in order to contrast the walls with the furniture and accessories so that they will stand out more. “Just as the Universe combines different star systems, the interior of Ya Vsesvit also consists of many polar elements. An authentic clay plaster on the wall, recreated with the local craft technique aged 400 years, is right next to a futuristic cold coating of stainless steel and silver foil-fabric on poufs. An accurate symmetry of black bricks is settled next to a natural imperfection of the rough stone.”

The biggest aim in this project was to stay honest, to create a design that’s able to live in the future and not only one or two years, as all trends do,” said Yakusha, That is why the interior is rather neutral so it is able to exist for a long time. Blacks and whites., greys, whites, and earthy colors from the furniture and greens from plants. But of course, its functionality trumps above all else. This interior of Ya Vsesvit is nominated to receive the Dezeen Awards in 2019 under the category of “Small workspace interior category”.

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