Infographic: A Guide For Taking The Perfect Car Instagram Shots

Now I’m sure that pretty much everyone uses social media at least once a day, and most commonly for several hours a day without even realising. Whether that’s scrolling across your Facebook news feed, checking out some of the latest tweets, or posting to Instagram, we all do it! Well, the reason I bring this up is because I came across a study the other day from Manchester-based Car Leasing firm, All Car Leasing, where they looked at over 600 respondents across the UK in a study called “Doin It For The Gram”, and asked several questions about their driving habits to gauge how much of an impact they have on social media usage; with an overall picture surrounding vanity fairs.

Their study found some pretty interesting results, such as the fact that millennials are the most likely age group to post the most with just over half posting to some sort of social media; and a quarter of the millennials actually owned an Audi, with 70% of them have posted a car to social media! The overall conclusion was that respondents who take pride in their car and have modifications and private plates were way more likely to post images of their car to social media on a daily basis. This led me to want to create a quick guide on how to take perfect Instagram shots for those who are ‘vain’!

Quick Tips On The Best Car Instagram’s (with your phone):

Take night shots or use of panoramic backgrounds:

You’ll find that taking photographs of your car in the dark is rather difficult. Flash doesn’t quite live up to its reputation unfortunately here, so it’s best practice to find a good spot in the dark usually around some light and get a decent angle. A dim lit area and a shiny vehicle work hand in hand to accentuate your Instagram shots and get even more likes!

Clean the car properly:

Now, this may sound simple but it’s effective. Making sure you keep on top of the dirt of your car and using the right cleaning products will give your car the brightest shine when coming to take those master shots.

Getting the right angle:

I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘Get Low’ by Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins at some point in your life and now’s time to take their advice. Getting a low angle is said to illustrate the body lines of the car and make it stand out more than ever! Getting a good angle is paramount to taking good pictures and that goes for everything, not just cars!

Portrait Mode and Filters:

If you haven’t splashed the cash or don’t have the time to use a high-quality camera, it’s best to use focused portrait mode on your phone. It fits perfectly with Instagram’s size and also works best when the car is far away from the background to give the image a blurred surrounding effect!

Filters are also a simple but effective way to make the image look more interesting and add some more quality!

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