The 2023 Guide to Interior Design for Small Apartments

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What to do if your apartment is small?Interior-design-for-small-a

Does a small apartment that you cannot make look attractive?

In this guide, we’re going to look at ways and means on how to take care of the interior design for small apartments.

Start from scratch

Over the years, especially ones who come with the hoarding mentality would have accrued loads of junk. Most of which serve no purpose other than an emotional reminder that it could be useful someday somehow.

It’s also possible that the frugal-you carried in old tables and chairs back from when you were in college or even earlier. Sell them on Craigslist if you’re able to. And with the combined savings purchase furniture that is sturdy, durable, fashionable.

Imagine first

When you move into your apartment you should start imagining how you’d live your life here and then proceed with everything else.

You should imagine that you’re already living in the space and then pan out your requirements. If you’re someone who doesn’t use the dining table what use is dragging one five flights of stairs?

Cull unnecessary items.

Use made to measure curtains

Curtains give rooms a new lease on life. For small 1 bedroom apartments, the standard curtain sizes may not fit. Made-to-measure curtains can help the room by adding a designer look to curtains and the room as a whole.

Again custom curtains mean you can decide the size shape and color.

Use specific color schemesTraditional-House-Interior

Have you heard that when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade? For bigger houses and apartments the best thing to do would be to use a single color scheme throughout. Not so much for smaller apartments. From an interior design perspective, smaller apartments do well to use a varied color scheme with each room painted in a different color so it matches with your furniture and other decorative items.

Use bold colors like dark orange, fluorescent, or magenta pink and see how each room gets a new life.

Multifunctional furniture is the norm

In Tokyo where living space comes at a premium, homeowners use beds that fold under another bed. During the daytime, this gives the option of moving around and at nighttime, it becomes a bed.

Smaller apartments should judiciously use the space at hand and use multi-functional pieces. These are horizontal space-saving arrangements. Another idea is to go vertical. There is a lot of space up there that’s underutilized. You could purchase tiered beddings that you often see in dorms. Instead of spreading books and whatnots over the floor, investing in a detachable shelf arrangement, and storing them, there is better. You could arrange pots and little knick-knacks on vertical shelves to make the room look beautiful

Use window railings to do some gardening

Every inch of space should be put to judicious space. The window railing gets natural sunlight and it could be a great place to place some potted plants over.

Potted plants appeal to everyone and look great in the living room.


What do you think of the ideas of space-saving and interior design in a small apartment? If you look hard there’s enough space for about everything.

Most people aren’t able to make use of it because they buy up everything without thinking twice about how it fits into their living plan and habits. Sit down, spend 3 hours with a pen and paper you and you might amaze yourself with the ideas you have.

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