Ideas to Help You Choose the Perfect Storage for Your Kids’ Toys

Storage-for-Kids-ToysDo you have kids at home? Do they just leave their toys scattered during and after playtime? What could be worse than going home to a messy living room or stepping into something like a Lego block or puzzle toys? It’s kind of annoying right? And that can be very stressful, too.

Research suggests that 8 out of 10 parents will go home from work to a messy home. Yes, I get it, it’s part of having children at home, but you’re not alone in this just like every parent. Good thing, there are ways to keep things organized. People have found themselves preventing instances of stepping on lego blocks or the like by getting toy storage.

Choose the Right Toy Storage

Choosing the right kids’ toy storage for you gives you two options, one that you can purchase and one that you can DIY at home. But let us give you some kid’s toy storage ideas that would be perfect for your home.

Classic Cube Shelves

Classic Cube Shelves are just ordinary shelves but come in different pastel colors. The colorful kid storage boxes can be purchased separately to easily store things like toys, storybooks, and games in the open cubes. Its design gives a vibe to a room and is made just for kids.

These shelves come in a variety of sizes, it can be a single row of four cubes or more, but always choose the right size for kids so they can easily reach their toys on top. These are readily available at most furniture stores and the price is quite affordable enough to purchase one.

Low-cost storage

Low-cost storage off the floor is a kind of DIY toy storages you can do or purchase at a department store. It’s very easy to make and can be bought at a reasonable price. Most parents prefer simple toy organizers that can easily be transferred from one place to another. That is what makes this idea so effective.

The Over-The-Door hanger

Do your kids love stuffed toys? Then this is exactly for you! The Over-The-Door hanger is great kids’ toy storage idea for smaller stuffed toys. Its design has over 30 pockets, so make sure your kids can only collect up to 30 stuffed animals. This design can help you save so much space when having this rather than buying large shelves or big storage boxes that consume a lot of space at home.

Wooden Toy Box

Wooden Toy Box is traditional toy storage. It is usually seen in cartoon shows and movies. Its design is a handcrafted wooden toy box stunning to look at. It’s very stylish and can store a large number of toys or books.

Easy Wall Storage

Easy Wall Storage for toys is an upcycled shoe rack. The design is based on its name itself, wall storage. If you have a shoe rack that isn’t being used anymore then DIY kids’ toy storage ideas will do the trick. Some parents prefer having this at home so they can display their kids’ car or doll collection on the wall. This wall storage isn’t only for kids but also for adults who are collecting different kinds of toys.

Colorful Toy Storage Tool

Who wouldn’t love tea parties at home? Playing with your daughter has always been part of your day. Why convert your tea chair into a colorful Toy Storage Tool? It’s the great kids toy storage ideas and this will work out beautifully. It is only a small capacity, its design is simply incredible and will fit into different kinds of room themes.

Reasons Why Every Parent Should Buy Kids’ Toy Storage

One of the biggest challenges of parenthood is cleaning up your children’s mess. It can be a food spill, broken glasses, or your children’s toys scattered all over their playroom, or worse, in the living room.

Being a working parent could be more challenging because you have to deal with work and your kids at the same time. You don’t like staying up too late and trying to find a piece of plastic to store all the toys and then the next morning, the kids will find it in a plastic bag and scatter them all over again.

You want things to be easy and organized? Then there’s a better way to solve this. Young ones can learn how to clean up if they see their parents neat as well. They will be trained to fix everything up once space is set up with the right toy storage boxes and shelves. Kids will love to clean up if you reward them every after doing it. It’s one way of helping you clean everything up.

Final Tips

Having so many toys for your children will cause you to purchase more and more storage boxes from time to time. To prevent this matter, you can start separating the toys that your children enjoy from the toys that are just stocked on the shelves. You can schedule someone to pick those up and donate them to a good cause. This way, your children wouldn’t notice that their toys were lessened because their favorite toys are still on the shelves.

Limit how many toys are inside the storage boxes. Having too many toys in a cluttered environment will let you end up with your child playing with something for shorter periods because they might feel overwhelmed.

Try making clean-up time into a game, as your kids will love this and feel challenged. Few minutes before cleanup, tell your kids that it’s almost time to fix everything up. Challenge them with creative ideas so that soon enough before you even announce it, your child will be cleaning up on their own and will independently do the task.

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