7 Handy Plumbing Tips and Tricks

Plumbing-Tips-and-TricksPlumbing is not just anyone’s job. There are several things one has to keep in mind before fixing plumbing-related issues. Three of the key things to keep in mind include the rules to follow, the equipment or tools to use, and the budget of the overall activity. When it comes to plumbing, time plays a crucial rule, as sometimes even the smallest leak can cause a water damage problem within just a few hours. However, it is always better to know a few tips and tricks, so that you’re able to take care of small plumbing issues in your house.

Here are seven handy plumbing tips that can help you in dealing with the water leakage and pipe damage problems at your estate.

Check Out for any Water Leaks

It might sound exaggerated to some people, but it is true that small water leaks can turn out to be huge problems within a very short time. Therefore, it is important to check out for any water leaks so as to save yourself from big troubles and huge expenses. Most common signs of water leaks are leaking damp cabinets, faucets, dripping refrigerators, and rocking toilets. All these issues must be dealt with at the earliest. A leaking faucet may not just be annoying but the moisture it creates can provide a surface for mold and mildew to grow in. It is advised to move your refrigerators at least once a month to check if the floor underneath has water which can indicate if there is a leak or not.

Turn Off the Water

If you notice a leak in your home, but you are unable to detect the source, it is advised to turn off the water source. It will stop any further damage caused by the leakage. In most homes, the shutout valve is placed next to the water meter, and if there is a secondary valve in your home, you will most likely find it in the basement. Turning off water in time will save you from the trouble of removing your tiles which can be damaged by the leak. There can be several different reasons for the water leak but finding that out takes time. This is why it is suggested to turn the water off immediately so no further or big damage takes place. You can fix the issue once the water supply is discontinued.

Be Careful About your Garbage Disposal

Cleaning the garbage disposal of your sink can stop many plumbing issues. It also increases the life of your sink. If you notice that your garbage disposal stinks, then run dish detergent to get rid of the foul smell. To avert blockages, keep a regular check for overflows. If you don’t want your sink to overflow or fill up, then clean the overflow holes regularly. When you run your garbage disposal, run your faucet with cold water. Drain cleaners can be used once or twice if the problem persists. However, too much usage of drain cleaners can damage your pipes. If your sink stays clogged for a long time and is not fixed, it is advised to call for professional plumbingservice in Mission Viejo.

Get Rid of Sink and Toilet Clogs

Slow-moving drains may not seem like a serious problem at first, but the longer you leave the issue unaddressed the worse it is going to get. If you notice that your drain or bathroom is under pressure, the reason could be a blockage. Instead of using chemicals, it is advised to use draining products as chemicals can bring damage to the pipes. For sinks and toilets use plungers, as they easily remove particles from the drains. If you notice there is hair or grease clog, then push the plunger deeper into the drain to suck it all out. If the situation is really bad, you can use a snaking tool. These are ideal for serious blockages and come with handles that can be extended to eliminate the clog.

Fix those Loud Sinks

Got problems with a loud sink? The solution is simple. All you need is some expanding foam. With just one material you can desensitize the sounds that your sink makes. The loud sound comes when the steel between the basins hits each other. Fill the foam between the spaces and let it harden. Once it is dry, remove the excess foam. This can also be done before you install the sink. In fact, it will be much easier and neat process then.

Fix the Running Toilet

A running toilet is a very common issue, and can easily be fixed if you follow a few simple steps. It is recommended to not flush a blocked or clogged toilet as the water can be too high or the flapper might have worn out. A running toilet can easily be fixed from the tank. Start with lowering the tank float by removing the lid, this can be done by sliding the rod or turning the adjustment screw. Then turn off the valve located below the tank, remove the rubber flapper and chain found in the rod, dry the drain, and install a new flapper and chain. Once you have done all this, check the toilet and adjust the valve accordingly and make sure the flush is working properly.

Conceal those Creaking Pipes

Creaking pipes can be an annoying issue, but can easily be solved by surrounding the pipes with adhesive-backed felt sheets. The reason we hear that creaking sound in the pipes is that copper pipes have the capability of broadening in shape after a while when hot water is run through them over a continuous period of time. When the pipes expand they crumble against other pipe lists and hangers which results in creaking. Visit any nearby hardware store and buy some adhesive-backed felt sheets, cut them into thin pieces according to the size of your pipe, and wrap them around each hanger. It should fix the creaking pipes.

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