Marketing with Stubby Coolers

Hold On to Marketing with Stubby Coolers

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Marketing with Stubby Coolers

Custom stubby coolers are one of the premier promotional products when it comes to the market. Due to their cultural relevance, they can help you reach your customers in the local area faster, while also being a useful marketing tool. The magic of stubby coolers is that they are perfect for keeping all your beverages at the right temperature, no matter where you are. This can be the beach, the back porch, the new standing desk you just bought, or even in the car.

Stubby Holders and Their Marketing Power

But why is it that stubby coolers work so well as all marketing options? Read on to find out.

Differentiate Yourself

One of the best benefits of giving custom stubby coolers to potential clients is that they will stand out from the promotional gifts given by competitors. Pens and other promotional items are distributed by many other businesses, but stubby coolers are only offered by a select few. This makes you stand out from your competition with a unique offering.

Additionally, stubby coolers stand out due to their practicality. Customers frequently forget about keychains and other knick knacks because they serve little purpose, and even pens are discarded because most people own a lot of them. On the other hand, many people use it because everyone loves cold drinks, and these items can provide that.

People Will Use Them

Stubby coolers, especially custom stubby coolers will be something your customers will use, and this means they are more likely to recall your business’s brand, which is yet another major advantage.  Personalized stubby coolers are a great choice as the cultural aspect means they are likely to be enjoyed and used often.

Remember, the images on your cooler serve as a visual reminder of your business each time it is used. Then, every time they drink that beverage, they reminisce about it. The same holds for everyone in the user’s immediate surroundings, letting it reach an even larger audience.

Stubby Coolers Have No Season

It can be distributed as promotional items at any time of year. During the summer, when they go to the beach and have picnics in the park, they will use it. It keeps people’s hands from getting too cold or wet while they drink their favourite ginger beer in the winter. With proper care and use, stubby coolers can also last a long time, so investing in one can provide long-term returns for your brand and business.

Great Space to Promote Your Business

Stubby coolers have far more promotional space than other promotional products. Pens and pins only have a small amount for marketing real estate, whereas stubby coolers allow you to take up more space for a much more reasonable cost. This means you can promote in full colour with your brand’s logo and even lines of text.

On top of this, the design of stubby coolers can vary. This means you can choose from can coolers, beer bottle coolers, beer glass coolers, champagne bottle coolers, and even wine coolers. This means the options are endless for you to choose from any of the options on the market.

Choose Simply Merchandise

Custom stubby coolers are an excellent marketing tool for consistently and simultaneously reaching a large number of people. They will consider it to be as cool as the beverage they are drinking if you craft them with your company’s brand in mind. For the best promotional marketing options, Simply Merchandise is the best choice for people looking for an affordable option.

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