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Home Lighting Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces During Night

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Home Lighting Tips Outdoor NightHow does your home appear at night? Even if you have a well-maintained exterior, your home’s likely to be invisible at night without the right exterior lighting. To make your home’s outdoors exciting and brimming with energy at night, you need to install proper lighting. Of course, you’ll have to be knowledgeable about various outdoor lighting techniques to make your outdoors come alive.

Alternatively, you can use services of professional electricians in Newcastle to save yourself time and hassle of configuring outdoor lighting. Having said that, it’s still essential to understand outdoor lighting systems and how they work.

Here are five outdoor lighting techniques guaranteed to show off your home exterior beauty at night.

Front door lighting

Lots of homeowners forget to add appropriate lighting to their front doors. Outdoor lights can make your front door stand out and inviting. Besides, the right front door lighting enhances the security at night, especially when it comes to answering the calls of unexpected visitors at your door. Consider installing hanging porch lights, wall sconces, and outdoor lanterns for your front door lighting.

Light up the pavement and front entrance

To minimize slip and trip accidents in the dark, it’s advised that you light up the pavement and front entrance. What’s more, it’s also crucial to light up different areas of your garden design, such as low walls, ponds, walkways, or any architectural fixture so that your visitors can safely access your home. Recessed ground lights for decoration, outdoor column lighting, and wall lighting are all great choices for accentuating your front garden.

Spotlight on garden plants

To make your outdoors exciting at night, consider spotlighting your garden plants. Identify a plant in your yard that you can turn into a visual masterpiece using lighting fixtures. Agave, yucca, and cypress are some of the great examples of plants you can spotlight. To show off your garden foliage, use soft lighting to create an inviting atmosphere, and ample illumination.

If you have grown trees, attach lighting at the top of the tree to highlight the interesting architectural features below or your flower beds. If positioned correctly, the lights will shine down, peeking through the leaves to create an exciting contrast between light and dark.

Outdoor garage lighting

Illuminating your garage can enhance your outdoor aesthetics and safety. With the lights in place, you won’t need to carry home lighting accessories like a torch when walking from your house to your garage.

You can select between bright fittings (consisting of the high lumen) or a smart floodlight and have it positioned at the top of either side of your garage. Moreover, lighting your garage door also helps deter burglars from accessing your property.

Security lighting

Burglars thrive in the darkness, where they can’t be seen. Installing various indoor lighting fitted with motion sensors around your garden and house can make criminals feel unwelcome. Your security lights don’t have to be boring, as there’s a wide variety of designs and styles available which combine aesthetic appeal and functionality.

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