Pros and Cons of Moving to Denver from NYC


Situated in Colorado, Denver is the most populous municipality and the capital city of Colorado. It’s a beautiful and young metropolitan that is ranked as the second-best city to live in the US, according to the media. On the other hand, New York is one of the most appealing and popular cities in the world. New York City is filled with attractions and also one of the most exciting cities that has been televised and featured in many popular movies and TV shows. If you’re planning on moving to Denver from NYC, then we can provide you the right guidance to make the proper decision.


The People

 Denver is a young and thriving city, with most of its population being under 44 years old. The city is ruled mostly by millennials, and compared to New York City, even though it may seem slower, the people are more outgoing and friendly, and lots of activities are there for both young and old people alike.


Denver can be an expensive city to live in. But, if you’re from NYC, moving to Denver may be a good decision for you as it can be almost 30% cheaper to live. The costs of living in Denver city are considerably cheaper than living costs in NYC.

Beautiful scenery

While New York City is internationally famous for the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, etc. Denver also has beautiful and eye-pleasing views. The view in Denver city is very different from NYC. Instead of skyscrapers, you see Denver’s beautiful city with the Rocky Mountains in the backdrop. The weather in Denver is warmer than NYC, so you can expect to see gorgeous and vibrant skies and sceneries.

Sports and other activities

If you are a sports fan, then moving to Denver would be an excellent choice for you. Denver can host almost all the important and popular sporting events in the United States. It hosts major basketball, baseball, and hockey league events. It also hosts football and soccer games. Attending sports events would become a lot easier and convenient if you move to Denver.



Denver is called the mile-high city because the city is situated 1 mile above sea level. Because of this, you might face trouble while breathing because the oxygen is less and the sun shines brighter and hotter here compared to New York City


While the economy in Denver is thriving, the employment opportunities are higher, and there’s also a higher chance of making it big in NYC.

Slower lifestyle

Being one of the most populated cities in America, the people in NYC lead a very fast and efficient lifestyle, something that the people of Denver cannot compete with. Life moves a lot slower in Denver, and it may not be for everyone.


Even though Denver has a bus system and a light rail system, it can be very expensive and not very extensive.

If you’re tired of the fast-paced, expensive, and monotonous lifestyle of New York City, then moving to Denver will bring a fresh change to your life and might even change it for the better.

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