Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Ants

get-rid-antsThere are several ways to get rid of ants from your environment; however, not all methods are ideal for your health. Using chemicals to get rid of annoying insects may have an adverse effect on our health, loved ones as well as pets. Nonetheless, you can exterminate ants from your home, and lawn using homemade remedies.


Chalk is one of the cheapest and effective methods used for preventing ants from entering your home. So, if you notice ants crawling around your lawn, draw a line with the chalk, and ants will not cross the lines. Draw lines in a possible entrance such as windows, doors, and ant-infested places. However, this method will not exterminate them; it will only ward them off from your environment.

Hot water and dish soap

Hot water mixed with dish soap can eliminate ants in your environment. Before attempting this technique in your home, ensure you seal up foods. Add some drops of dish soap into boiling water, and spray on any visible ants in your house. If you want to exterminate ants from your home, or environment completely, you need to locate their nest. Follow the ants’ trail until you get to their nest. Pour the boiling water and dish soap inside the nest, and say bye-bye to ant’s

Cayenne pepper

Ants dread peppers, especially cayenne pepper. Sprinkle the pepper at entry points and other places where you find ants crawling. Please note that you need to be careful when using this method particularly when you have kids or pets playing around the house. Unlike hot water and dish soap, pepper does not exterminate ants; it only discourages them from entering your home.


Lemon serves as ant repellent; pour some of the lemon juice into a soapy bowl and clean the house with it. It helps your home smell fresh while warding off pests from your home.

Alternatively, you can pour the juice into cracks and crevices or other parts of the house where ants are entering the house. Also, you can place lemon or orange peels on their trails to disrupt their movements.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds have the same effect as chalk; pour coffee grounds in cracks, crevices and on their trail and watch them scurry out of your home.

Borax, water, and sugar

If you want to exterminate ants from your home without using harming pesticides or insecticides, this method is ideal for you. Add an equal amount of borax and sugar inside a bowl, and mix thoroughly until it turns to a smooth paste. Spread the paste on little pieces of thin cardboard, and put them close to the trail. It will prevent them from moving further into your home, however, if you need to change the paste at least two times because the pastes dry

Professional Pest Control Company

If you notice a recurrence, it is better to invite a professional pest control agent to get rid of ants and other pests that have been lurking around for a while.

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